This is the Fuoriserie Rosso Red, it’s a wristwatch developed by Italian-Australian David Giammetta that has a dial made from a the bodywork of a wrecked Ferrari 348 TB.

Great care is taken when cutting out sections of the Ferrari bodywork to maintain the original paintwork on the steel, which is then kept in place on the dial of the finished watch, with the markings painted around the perimeter.

Giammetta founded Fuoriserie back in 2018, “fuoriserie” means “custom made” in Italian and it’s a reference to the low-volume production that the company specialises in. Australia has a large population of Italian immigrants who contributed extensively to the nation’s food, coffee, and wine culture.

Italian-Australians also became critically important members of Australia’s automotive and motor racing scene and a young David Giammetta would attend races with his father as a young child. Giammetta Snr was never a car guy himself and didn’t much care for the racing, but like any good father he encouraged the interests of his kids.

Fuoriserie Watches

It would be at these races that David developed his life-long love for cars and racing, which was later joined by a love for timepieces.

When he founded Fuoriserie he had two key goals in mind, to build racing-inspired watches that would be affordable to the average person, and to incorporate parts from exotic cars into the dials of the watches so that people could carry a little piece of supercar with them wherever they go.

Giametta uses the Japanese Miyota M203A Quartz movement in all Fuoriserie watches, this provides excellent reliability and highly-accurate timekeeping whilst still allowing him to keep the cost down to $318 USD per watch. It’s important to reiterate that the dials on these watches carry the color of the car they were sourced from and as such they may carry small unique marks or blemishes that the car collected before it met its end.

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