B-3 Bomber Jacket

B 3 Bomber Jacket 450x330 - B-3 Bomber Jacket

The B-3 Bomber Jacket first entered service with the US military in the mid-1930s – as aircraft became more capable and were able to fly higher it became a necessity to provide pilots with warm weather gear for high-altitude flights, where temperatures could drop well below -22F (-30C). The military developed what would become known…

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Havana Polarised Sunglasses by Persol

Havana Polarised Sunglasses Persol 450x330 - Havana Polarised Sunglasses by Persol

Persol is one of Italy’s longest surviving eye-wear manufacturers, it was founded in 1917 to make specialised sunglasses and eye-protection for some of the first aviators and race car drivers – interestingly Persol is derived from the Italian words per il sole meaning for the sun. The Havana line of sunglasses by Persol are handmade…

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1/4 Mile Leather Jacket by Angry Lane

Perforated Leather Motorcycle Jacket 450x330 - 1/4 Mile Leather Jacket by Angry Lane

The just-released 1/4 Mile Jacket by Angry Lane is a classic motorcycle jacket with a twist – each one has been perforated using the same technique applied to MotoGP race suits to allow comfortable riding through the warmer months of the year. The abrasion protection offered by full grain leather still hasn’t quite been matched by…

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REV’IT! Bleeker Boots

REVIT Bleeker Boots 450x330 - REV'IT! Bleeker Boots

The new REV’IT Bleeker Boots are a great example of the continuing trend towards motorcycle gear with a strong safety component that don’t actually look like motorcycle gear with a strong safety component. This is a huge plus for people who use their motorcycles as daily transportation and don’t necessarily want to look like an…

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Maple Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

Maple Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans 1 450x330 - Maple Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

Maple’s Kevlar motorcycle jeans occupy a place quite close to my heart, I own a pair that I’ve used on motorcycle treks through Vietnam, across Australia and cross-country through a rather wintery Europe – and over time I’ve become quite fond of them. The main reasons I chose Maple over the immediate competition is that…

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Piloti Campione Driving Boots

Piloti Campione Driving Boots 450x330 - Piloti Campione Driving Boots

The new Campione Driving Boots by Piloti are an answer to a question that we’ve been asking for years – what if you want a driving shoe, but don’t want to wear a pair of delicate little loafers with tassels on them? The classically styled driving shoe is not the most manly thing in the…

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INR x Vanson Mojave Jacket

Vanson Jacket 450x330 - INR x Vanson Mojave Jacket

The Iron & Resin x Vanson Mojave Jacket is the result of a collaboration between the two American owned and operated companies, it’s designed as a 3-season jacket that’ll work well as both casual streetwear and the first line of defence against the worst that the desert can throw at you. Each jacket is made…

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Ace Watch by Martenero

Martenero Watches 450x330 - Ace Watch by Martenero

Martenero is a small New York-based watchmaking company that specialises in creating very clean timepieces designed for legibility and versatility, each of their watches ships with two bands included – a waterproof nylon NATO strap and a handmade leather strap designed for more formal occasions. Each watch is powered by a Miyota 821A automatic movement…

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Perfecto Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket

Perfecto Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket 450x330 - Perfecto Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket

I don’t think there’s a motorcycle jacket quite as iconic at the Schott Perfecto, it was made famous by Marlon Brando in the 1953 film The Wild One and since then it’s been an essential wardrobe item for anyone with a motorcycle parked out in the garage. The Perfecto Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket is a reissue…

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Kevlar Denim Motorcycle Jacket

Kevlar Denim Jacket 450x330 - Kevlar Denim Motorcycle Jacket

Simon James Cathcart is a designer on a mission to bring what is arguably the best denim in the world (Japanese ring-spun selvedge denim) to the western world, with clothing cut to suit western bodies – which often don’t quite fit into Japanese sizes. Simon is also an avid motorcyclist so his new collection includes…

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1936 Skyliner Hunting Jacket by Eddie Bauer

1936 Skyliner Model Hunting Down Jacket 1 450x330 - 1936 Skyliner Hunting Jacket by Eddie Bauer

The Skyliner Hunting Jacket was originally released by Eddie Bauer in 1936, it was a notable step forward in sporting jacket design and implemented a quilted pattern with a down filling, it also had significantly improved arm and shoulder range of motion – to suit hunters and clay pigeon shooters. This re-release of the jacket…

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Piazza 2 Jacket by REV’IT!

Piazza 2 Jacket by REVIT 450x330 - Piazza 2 Jacket by REV'IT!

The new Piazza 2 Jacket by REV’IT! is an excellent option for those of us who live in a climate where it gets cold in winter – but not cold enough to make riding impossible. The jacket has the added benefit of looking like well tailored regular-person clothes, as opposed to the low budget 80’s…

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