Kawasaki W650 by Revival Cycles

Kawasaki W650 450x330 - Kawasaki W650 by Revival Cycles

Revival Cycles is a long time favourite of ours, the team of custom motorcycle builders based in Austin, Texas have produced some of the most eye-catching American customs in recent history. When we discovered they’d been hard at work on a Kawasaki W650 we were understandably intrigued and so emails were exchanged and the images…

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Kawasaki Z1

Kawasaki Z1 1 450x330 - Kawasaki Z1

The Kawasaki Z1 is an extraordinary machine that very nearly never made it into production, Kawasaki was famous for their fire-breathing 2-strokes in the 1960s but in order to diversify it was decided that a big 4-stroke would be built. In 1968 the engineers began work on an entirely new inline 4 cylinder, air-cooled engine…

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Godier-Genoud Chair by Lorenzo Buratti

Godier Genoud Chair 0 Fotor Collage 450x330 - Godier-Genoud Chair by Lorenzo Buratti

  The Kawasakis produced by French racing team Godier-Genoud throughout the ’70s have become legendary, the bright green painted machines dominated European circuits and led to a major step forward in engineering prowess by Kawasaki. These machines left a deep and lasting impact on a young Lorenzo Buratti who was growing up in Italy watching the races…

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Kawasaki Zephyr 750 by Ton-Up Garage

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 2 450x330 - Kawasaki Zephyr 750 by Ton-Up Garage

  This Kawasaki Zephyr 750 by Ton-Up Garage is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with an old motorcycle if you know what you’re doing, and you aren’t afraid to take your time with it. Looking for all the world like a modern “retro-concept” bike from a motorcycle show, the Zephyr has seen a…

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Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron

Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron 21 450x330 - Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron

Valtoron is a Spanish custom motorcycle garage owned and operated by brothers Pablo & Carlos Delgado – the siblings have been professional metalworkers since 1995 and are the sons of well-known painter/sculptor/designer Rafael Muyor. When not working in metal the Delgado brothers are in the saddle, riding and wrenching vintage motorcycles on the bustling streets…

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Custom W650 by Blitz Motorcycles

Kawasaki W650 Motorcycle Custom 41 - Custom W650 by Blitz Motorcycles

Blitz Motorcycles is a French custom motorcycle garage that has the fascinating ability to completely polarise the people who see their bikes into two distinct camps. On the right you have the people who think that the bikes don’t look shiny enough, don’t have enough chrome and don’t look much like the always-polished-rarely-ridden bikes we…

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