Whiskey Poster by Jon Contino

Whiskey Poster by Jon Contino Thumbnail 450x330 - Whiskey Poster by Jon Contino

This gallery quality Giclée print by Jon Contino features lyrics from the halyard shanty ‘Whiskey Johnny’, it’s printed on natural 100% cotton rag archival paper using special archival inks. The poster is offered in 4 sizes ranging from small to large, with large being 20″ x 28″ in size – the only question now is…

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The Nostalgic Wall of Wheels Poster

The Nostalgic Wall of Wheels 31 450x330 - The Nostalgic Wall of Wheels Poster

The Nostalgic Wall of Wheels poster is a new design from Petrolified, an up-and-coming company that’ll be producing much more stuff in this general vein. As you may have noticed, the poster includes some of the most interesting wheel designs to have come out of Japan in the 20th century. The poster measures 594cm x…

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iPad Mount by Peg and Awl

wooden iPad Mount1 - iPad Mount by Peg and Awl

So I stumbled across a unique problem last week, I was challenged by a friend and long time Silodrome reader to find an iPad wall mount that he could use in his garage. The problem was that it couldn’t be made from plastic and it had to actually look good in a garage full made…

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Moto Lamps by Greg Drzymalski Design

motorcycle lamp1 - Moto Lamps by Greg Drzymalski Design

Lamps made from repurposed motorcycle parts are becoming a more common sight, we’ve covered the work of Classified Moto in the past and it’s great to see new designers tackling the medium with new ideas and a dash of colour. Each of Greg Drzymalski designs are made from salvaged motorcycle parts and depending on the one…

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ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker coffee1 - ROK Manual Espresso Maker

The ROK Manual Espresso Maker is an entirely electricity free method of creating a proper espresso, the two handles are used to apply pressure to hot water in the upper container, this water is then forced through the coffee in the handle. Any decent barista will tell you that when it comes to espresso, pressure…

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Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Mug

Sir Jacks Ox Horn Mug 2 - Sir Jack's Ox Horn Mug

The recent renaissance of beer has been a wonderful thing to watch, it wasn’t that long ago that your only real choice when it came to beer was a limited and disappointing half dozen mass-produced amber fluids that in all reality, weren’t that different from one another. Skipping forward to the modern day, craft breweries…

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Bowlus Road Chief

bowlus road chief trailer - Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief is possibly the most beautiful caravan (or trailer, if you’re American) that I’ve ever seen, it’s an obvious competitor for the Airstream, which has been the defacto polished aluminium home-on-wheels since the 1930s. Interestingly, the chief designer of the Airstream was a man named Hawley Bowlus – the same man whose…

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Pewter Cocktail Shaker

Pewter Cocktail Shaker thumbnail - Pewter Cocktail Shaker

This beautifully constructed pewter cocktail shaker is reminiscent of the era before, during and just after the Prohibition. It isn’t widely known that pewter is actually an alloy, it’s a mixture of 85% to 99% tin, with added copper, antimony and bismuth.

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Kentucky Bourbon Poster

Kentucky Bourbon Poster1 - Kentucky Bourbon Poster

This Kentucky state map has been drawn using the lyrics from the Murder by Death song “Kentucky Bourbon”, if you’re a fan of the amber nectar and need a new poster for your drinking room, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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