This set of four glasses from Whiskey Peaks each has a topographic impression of the Rocky Mountains in its base, with a different mountain for each glass. They’re individually blown by hand to achieve this effect and they’re made from 100% lead-free glass.

The team at Whiskey Peaks have made a name for themselves in recent years for releasing collections of glass tumblers with surprisingly detailed topographic mountain impressions in their bases – giving you something to look at and talk about as you drink your medicinal whiskey.

They’ve done collections with international mountains like Everest and Kilimanjaro as well as American collections containing impressions of iconic American peaks.

Whiskey Peaks The Rockies 3

This new set of glasses is entirely focussed on the Rocky Mountains, each contains a detailed 3D mountain and they’re handmade in such a way that there are two layers of glass between your hand and the whiskey – to avoid having your hand warm it up.

Each set includes four glasses, the lead-free glass they’re made from is lighter than leaded glass but just as durable, allowing it to be both strong and thin. Each glass measures in at 3 5/8” high by 3” in diameter and they have a total volume of approximately 11.5 ounces.

The glasses come in a box of four with a sliding internal compartment that keeps each glass from contacting its neighbour and risking breakage.

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