LC Fabrications Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley Sportster 450x330 - LC Fabrications Harley-Davidson Sportster

LC Fabrications is based in the hills of Virginia, it was started by Jeremy Cup a few years ago as a means to bring back traditional metalworking and fabrication – with a strong focus on custom bikes and handmade parts production. This Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 is Jeremy’s latest build, it was saved from a wrecker’s…

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5 Minute Histories: Harley-Davidson Sportster

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Harley 450x330 - 5 Minute Histories: Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley-Davidson created their Sportster partly as a result of losing sales and prestige to the quick and nimble British motorcycles being imported into the United States in the fifties as Britain’s government used an “export or perish” economic model to pay off her war debts. These bikes from the likes of Norton, Triumph, and small arms maker BSA were around 500cc capacity heading on up to 650cc. Born in an environment in Britain where racing from café to café trying to reach 100mph and not get caught by the police had become a new sport.

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Harley-Davidson Scrambler

Harley Davidson Scrambler 7 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Scrambler

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is the longest running model in the Milwaukee-based marque’s history, it was first introduced in 1957 but its predecessor (the Model K) was on the market 5 years earlier. Since its inception, the Sportster has been characterised by its relative light weight (compared to other Harley models), low cost and accessibility to…

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Harley Davidson WR 750 Factory Racer

Harley Davidson WR750 7 450x330 - Harley Davidson WR 750 Factory Racer

The Harley Davidson WR 750 was developed with one purpose in mind – to defeat the successful Indian Scout on the dirt track speedways of 1930s America. The legendary battle between the two big American motorcycle manufacturers had begun in the formative years of American board track racing and continues unabated today – albeit now…

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Harley-Davidson Speed Racer

Harley Sportster Custom 5 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Speed Racer

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is a motorcycle that we’ve seen customised 6 ways from Sunday, the model is Harley’s best selling and longest running, and its huge production numbers mean that they’re are readily available. The idea of converting the Sportster into a genuine sport bike has been undertaken countless times, perhaps most famously with the…

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