Harley-Davidson Twin Cam development began back in 1992, in the waning years of the twentieth century. By this time Harley-Davidson was a long way from the original efforts of Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers to build a motorised bike to make it easier to go fishing. That group of young men working in a small garage went through some rough times, a couple of World Wars with a depression in-between, but survived unlike many others. But as Bill Harley and the Davidsons, who were the original visionaries, passed on so the company became more and more a business with business priorities and business methods.

Thus it was by 1992 Harley-Davidson had college educated professionals organised into departments. There was an engineering department, a marketing department and a styling department. So whereas in the old days the engineering, styling and marketing were all in Bill Harley’s college-educated head, now there were departments both cooperating and competing with each other. Back in 1992 Harley-Davidson’s marketing department had been doing a bit of research and had discovered that there were a increasing number of after-market shops and kits that could boost the power of the Harley-Davidson Evolution engines – indicating that Harley owners wanted more oomph.

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