Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Evolution

Harley Davidson Evo Evolution Engine V Twin 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Evolution

Thankfully 1984 was a great year for Harley-Davidson and not at all like the “1984” of British writer George Orwell’s novel. 1984 was the year Harley-Davidson introduced what many regard as their greatest engine, and for a true blue motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be able to strip his bike down to the last nut…

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Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Panhead

Panhead Hero 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Panhead

The Harley-Davidson Panhead powered bikes (along with the Knuckleheads) are the motorcycles of the ’60s custom culture phenomenon. The 1969 movie “Easy Rider” was arguably the film that brought the Chopper motorcycle from being an obscure cult bike to being a popular custom bike and both the “Captain America” and the “Billy Bike” of the movie…

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1928 Harley-Davidson Peashooter

Harley Davidson Peashooter 450x330 - 1928 Harley-Davidson Peashooter

The Harley-Davidson Peashooter is a single-cylinder motorcycle originally released in 1926 to compete in the hotly contested AMA 21 cubic inch class. Indian and Excelsior were the established forces to be reckoned with in the smaller, single-cylinder racing world but Harley decided to dive in and compete – and also sell a line of smaller-engined…

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Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Knucklehead

Knucklehead Hero Image 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Knucklehead

In the twenties and thirties overhead valve engines were well known to be more efficient and consequently more powerful than either side-valve engines or the hybrid “F-head” with its overhead inlet and side exhaust valve. Overhead valve engines were the province of motor-sport performance engines where power was at a premium and maintenance could be…

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Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Flathead

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Harley Flathead 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Flathead

The Flathead is one of the most important early Big Twins built by Harley-Davidson, this is its story. Introduction With the Wall Street Crash of October 1929 and the resulting Great Depression, Harley-Davidson had already been working on the development of a new engine to replace the aging F-Head that had served so well but…

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LC Fabrications Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley Sportster 450x330 - LC Fabrications Harley-Davidson Sportster

LC Fabrications is based in the hills of Virginia, it was started by Jeremy Cup a few years ago as a means to bring back traditional metalworking and fabrication – with a strong focus on custom bikes and handmade parts production. This Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 is Jeremy’s latest build, it was saved from a wrecker’s…

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5 Minute Histories: Harley-Davidson Sportster

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Harley 450x330 - 5 Minute Histories: Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley-Davidson created their Sportster partly as a result of losing sales and prestige to the quick and nimble British motorcycles being imported into the United States in the fifties as Britain’s government used an “export or perish” economic model to pay off her war debts. These bikes from the likes of Norton, Triumph, and small arms maker BSA were around 500cc capacity heading on up to 650cc. Born in an environment in Britain where racing from café to café trying to reach 100mph and not get caught by the police had become a new sport.

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Harley-Davidson Dyna Custom

Harley Davidson Dyna Cafe Racer 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Dyna Custom

We don’t see all that many Harley-Davidson Dyna-based customs. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this, the Sportster is by far the most common platform for customisation when it comes to American motorcycles – especially American motorcycles from Milwaukee. This bike started life as a 2000 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide before…

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Laurent Dutruel Land Speed Racer

Custom Buell Motorcycle 1 450x330 - Laurent Dutruel Land Speed Racer

Land speed racing is a pastime that has turned out some of the most extraordinary two and four wheeled vehicles that have ever seen the light of day. Land speed machines are almost purely function-before-form, but it’s exceedingly rare to see an ugly one – a unique trait that I don’t think is common to any…

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