Thankfully 1984 was a great year for Harley-Davidson and not at all like the “1984” of British writer George Orwell’s novel. 1984 was the year Harley-Davidson introduced what many regard as their greatest engine, and for a true blue motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be able to strip his bike down to the last nut and bolt and to be able to fix it himself/herself it is possibly the greatest Harley-Davidson engine, period.

The Evolution appeared in 1984 in two versions; the smaller Sportster Evolution (which appeared in 1986) made in 883cc and 1,200cc versions carried forward the original four camshaft design first seen on the Harley-Davidson Flathead engine of 1929, whilst the larger 1340cc Evolution Big Twin engine carried forward the same bottom end and single camshaft of the Knucklehead engine of 1936. So between them these two Evolution engines carried forward the original design concepts of Harley-Davidson founder Bill Harley and they’re a fitting legacy to him.

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