Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Glove by INR

Leather Gloves Main 450x330 - Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Glove by INR

Buffalo leather is notably thicker than regular cowhide, with a considerable improvement in abrasion resistance as a result. This makes it perfect as a material for making motorcycle gloves or anything else that’s likely to hit the asphalt at speed. This pair of gloves is made in America by Iron & Resin, each set has…

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Icon 1000 Prep Glove

Icon 1000 Prep Glove 450x330 - Icon 1000 Prep Glove

The new Icon 100 Prep Glove has been designed to evoke styling cues from the driving gloves our grandfathers wore when hammering across country with the top down. In fact, the Prep Glove would probably make quite a good driving glove due to it being made from 100% kangaroo hide – a leather known for…

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Deus Gripping Gloves

Deus Gripping Gloves 450x330 - Deus Gripping Gloves

Each pair of Deus Gripping Gloves is handmade in Japan using 100% Napa cowhide, both the palms and knuckles are double-layered for improved abrasion resistance and the velcro wrist straps ensure that the gloves stay on if you fall off. In order to ensure there’s no chafing the Gripping Gloves have external seams, it gives…

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Belstaff Esses Gloves

Belstaff Esses Gloves 450x330 - Belstaff Esses Gloves

The Belstaff Esses Glove is a new release from the historic British motorcycle gear manufacturer for 2015. Far from being just another good-looking glove with no real protection built-in, the Esses glove has flexible D3O protective armour across the knuckles and palms with an outer shell of full grain goat napa leather. The internal lining…

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Maduro Deerskin Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves 450x330 - Maduro Deerskin Driving Gloves

Sir Jack’s Maduro Deerskin Driving Gloves are designed for events like the Targa Florio and the Carrera Panamericana – classic long distance races that’d leave your hands blistered if you didn’t have a good pair of leather driving gloves. Each pair is made in the United States from natural, high-grade deerskin, the back of the…

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Ranger Gloves by Grifter USA

leather motorcycle gloves 450x330 - Ranger Gloves by Grifter USA

The new Ranger Glove by Grifter USA is the sort of motorcycle glove you can wear riding around town, or in the garage as you lift a Norton Commando engine out of its Isolastic mounts before a rebuild. The lower part of the glove is thick Bison leather and the upper is 12oz American Cone…

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Biltwell Gauntlet Gloves

Biltwell Gauntlet Gloves 450x330 - Biltwell Gauntlet Gloves

The Biltwell Gauntlet is a full-featured motorcycle glove designed for 3-season riding by people who want to make absolutely certain that no little critters get trapped up their sleeves. You’d think this is the sort of thing that never really happens but sadly it does, it’s happened to me twice and most motorcyclists will have…

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Old School MX Gloves by Reign VMW

Old School MX Gloves 450x330 - Old School MX Gloves by Reign VMW

The team at Reign VMW only recently released this new glove, they’ve called it the “Old School MX Glove” due to its retro design influences – including that classic ’70s style piping across the back of the fingers and hand. Rather than use leather, which tends to get uncomfortably hot in the summer, the Old…

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Rimfire Glove by Icon 1000

Rimfire Glove Icon 1000 450x330 - Rimfire Glove by Icon 1000

The Rimfire Glove by Icon 1000 is a modern take on the classic motorcycle glove, it’s fitted with state-of-the-art D3O® knuckle armour – giving it far more protective ability than a standard leather glove. The palm had double-layer leather with 22 stainless steel rivets to offset the chance of palm rash and the leather used…

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Lee Parks Design DeerTours Gloves

Lee Parks Design DeerTours Gloves 450x330 - Lee Parks Design DeerTours Gloves

Lee Parks Design DeerTours Gloves are made from Grade-A American deer hide, it’s tougher and more abrasion resistant than cowhide whilst also being thinner – allowing better dexterity. Each pair of gloves has double-seam stitching and a double-leather palm, they’re fastened with a hook and loop wrist closure – to make sure they won’t come…

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Biltwell Work Gloves

Biltwell Work Gloves 450x330 - Biltwell Work Gloves

The new Biltwell Work Gloves are designed to evoke the style of the gloves used by motorcyclists in the 1960s and ’70s, each pair is made from 100% heavy-duty cowhide and features an adjustable wrist opening, anatomically contoured suede palm panels with internal padding for abrasion resistance and stitched accordion baffles on index and middle…

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Icon Sanctuary Gloves

motorcycle gloves 450x330 - Icon Sanctuary Gloves

These are the all-new Sanctuary Gloves by Icon, they were officially released last week along with a slew of new products from the Portland-based motorcycle gear manufacturer. The Sanctuary Glove is a spring/summer/autumn glove with a full goat leather palm, offering extreme abrasion resistance with a lighter-weight than cowhide. The back section of the glove is…

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