The Union Garage D3 Moto Gloves are the result of a collaboration between Union Garage in Brooklyn and Lee Parks Design, one of the most highly regard motorcycle gear manufacturers in the United States.

With the design of the D3 gloves the goal was to take the best features of the Lee Parks deerskin gloves and add a few modern touches for life in the 21st century.

First up, the finger tips of both hands are touchscreen friendly. This is an increasingly important feature for many riders as our GPS units, communication devices, and music players all have touch screen interfaces.

The second added feature is modern D3O armor across the knuckles of both hands under an added layer of deerskin. D3O is ideal for use in places that need to remain pliable and flexible, the armor then hardens instantly on impact.

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The gloves are made with a main body of premium Grade A 2.75 oz deerskin, commonly exported to Italy where it’s used to make high-end handbags and luxury goods. The reason Lee Parks use it is its exceptional resistance to abrasion combined with its soft texture that belies its toughness.

All Lee Parks gloves are sewn together with double-duty thread and they use seamless palm construction which eliminates a potential failure point at the most critical area of a glove.

Those black sections in the tips of the index fingers are made from goatskin that’s been specially tanned with an agent that allows it to work well with touchscreens. This feature in particularly was heavily tested by Union Garage given how important it is to so many riders, and they report that the gloves work better on touch screens that any others they’ve tried.

Glove sizing ranges from XS up to XL and there’s a downloadable sizing chart on the website to help you get the right fit first time. You can choose between either the tan/black or black/black colorways, they all comes with free shipping in the USA, and they cost $149.95 USD.

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