These are the new low-profile Grenade Gloves from Akin Moto, they’re designed to offer excellent protection while remaining as slim and lightweight as possible.

The secret to the slim design is the use of high-strength goat leather on the palms, goat leather is both thinner and stronger than regular cow leather, and it’s more pliable resulting in improved sensitivity on the controls.

Across the back of the gloves have “CellArmour™” knuckle protection, it’s soft and flexible but it keeps your knuckles well protected when needed.

Akin Grenade Motorcycle Gloves 3

Image DescriptionWith their full goat leather palms the Akin Grenade motorcycle gloves were developed to be slim and low-profile while still offering excellent protection.

As you would expect in any modern motorcycle glove, the Grenade gloves have touchscreen-capable pads on the thumbs and index fingers. This means you can easily use your smartphone without needing to remove your gloves, a helpful feature when you’re needing to check Google Maps and update destinations.

Akin Moto is based on Australia’s world famous Gold Coast, the company is made up entirely of motorcyclists and they test all of their gear personally to make sure it lives up to the hype.

The Grenade gloves are available in sizing ranging from S to 2XL and there’s a size guide on the store page to help you get the best fit first time. The MSRP is $49 USD, they ship worldwide and they accept size changes within 30 days.

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