Stylmartin Indian Boots

Stylmartin Indian Boots 450x330 - Stylmartin Indian Boots

The Stylmartin Indian Boot is designed for motorcyclists who use their bike to commute – and don’t want to have to swap their boots when they get to work. Each pair has a waterproof and breathable Antex membrane lining, with a full grain leather upper, an anti-slip Vibram sole, internal PU malleolus protection of both…

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Dainese Cafe Motorcycle Boots

Dainese Cafe Boots 450x330 - Dainese Cafe Motorcycle Boots

It wasn’t that many years ago that motorcyclists had to choose between good-looking gear, and gear that actually offered proper CE-certified protection. This gap in the market has slowly been filled by companies like Dainese, an Italian motorcycle gear manufacturer well-known for their hardcore MotoGP products. The boots you see here are the relatively new…

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Oscar Monty Boot by Alpinestars

Oscar Monty Boot by Alpinestars 450x330 - Oscar Monty Boot by Alpinestars

Alpinestars has been making significant inroads into the slightly less MotoGP and more CafeGP side of the motorcycling spectrum in recent years, the Oscar Monty Boot is their latest foray into the genre and I suspect that it’s going to be very popular. Although they may look like regular boots, the Oscar Monty packs toe,…

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Williams 6″ Distressed Boots by Danner

Danner Boots 450x330 - Williams 6" Distressed Boots by Danner

Charles Danner first started making boots in 1932 – right as the Great Depression kicked into high gear in the United States and around the world. It was possibly the worst time in the 20th century to start a new business, but his boots were so solidly built that he managed to stay afloat and…

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REV’IT Royale Boots

REVIT Royale Boots 450x330 - REV'IT Royale Boots

The new Royale Boots by REV’IT are part of the company’s expanding line of motorcycle boots that have been built to look as much like regular street wear as possible – with just the leather gear shift pad giving away their true purpose. With thermoformed heel and toe cups, full grain cowhide and a water…

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Chippewa 6″ Service Boot

Chippewa 6 Inch Service Boot 450x330 - Chippewa 6" Service Boot

The Chippewa 6″ Service Boot is a design created to evoke the style of the original American workman’s boot. Each one is handmade in the United States from full-grain American leather, the sole is Goodyear Welt with a Maple leather heel, it has a Vibram V-Bar outsole and the eyelets are all nickel-plated for longevity….

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Centennial 1000 Mile Boot by Wolverine

Centennial 1000 Mile Boot Wolverine 450x330 - Centennial 1000 Mile Boot by Wolverine

The Centennial 1000 Mile Boot by Wolverine is a limited edition boot built using the same patterns as the original 1000 Miler, back in 1914. Like the original, it’s also made by hand in Wolverine’s Big Rapids (in Michigan) factory using many of the same methods that were used 100 years ago. A few upgrades…

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Klinger 7″ Boot by Danner

Danner Klinger Boot 450x330 - Klinger 7" Boot by Danner

Danner’s 7″ Klinger Boot is based on Vietnam-era designs created for jungle warfare, the upper is full-grain leather and canvas, making the boot both breathable and hard-wearing. The outsole is Vibram NewFlex – significantly more comfortable than traditional hard rubber soles and each pair uses Danner’s traditional stitchdown construction throughout. Danner offers the boot in…

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REV’IT! Bleeker Boots

REVIT Bleeker Boots 450x330 - REV'IT! Bleeker Boots

The new REV’IT Bleeker Boots are a great example of the continuing trend towards motorcycle gear with a strong safety component that don’t actually look like motorcycle gear with a strong safety component. This is a huge plus for people who use their motorcycles as daily transportation and don’t necessarily want to look like an…

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Piloti Campione Driving Boots

Piloti Campione Driving Boots 450x330 - Piloti Campione Driving Boots

The new Campione Driving Boots by Piloti are an answer to a question that we’ve been asking for years – what if you want a driving shoe, but don’t want to wear a pair of delicate little loafers with tassels on them? The classically styled driving shoe is not the most manly thing in the…

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Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Boots

Red Wing Blacksmith Boots 450x330 - Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Boots

The Blacksmith Boots by Red Wing have been in production in one way or another for 108 years, they’re constructed to be as resilient as possible with a triple stitched, oil-tanned Copper Yuma Leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company used for the upper and a Goodyear Welt Sole made from Nitrile cork. The boot was originally developed to work in farm…

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Icon 1000 Prep Boot

Icon 1000 Prep Motorcycle Boot 450x330 - Icon 1000 Prep Boot

The new Icon 1000 Prep Boot is a waterproof alternative to the well-known Elsinore Boot that’s quickly become popular with riders across a number of genres. The Prep Boot shares an obvious design language with the Elsinore but strips away some of the flair and adds full waterproofing to ensure it’s a full four season…

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