Marion Olive Boot by Helm Boots

helm boots 450x330

Helm Boots is a small company that takes pride in making all of their wares in the United States using classic American made Horween Chromexcel leather, brass eyelets and Blake Rapid Stitch construction. The choice of olive green is unusual in a boot like this, but it works well with the white pinstripe across the sole and red…

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The Original Driving Shoe

Driving Shoe 4 450x330

The Original Driving Shoe was created in 1963, when the Italian government awarded the designer Gianni Mostile a patent for an an entirely new type of shoe – a slip on leather moccasin with rubber studs in the sole and continuing up the back of the heel. Almost every major shoe maker in the world now has their own…

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Mountain Light Boot by Danner

Mountain Light Boot by Danner 450x330

The Mountain Light Boot by Danner was first introduced in 1979, many consider it the finest modern hiking boot ever made so when Danner set about recreating it for a re-release, they built it to the exact same specifications, down to the type of leather used and embossed logo on the ankle. Each boot is…

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REV’IT! Rodeo Boots

REVIT Rodeo Boots 450x330

The new REV’IT! Rodeo Boots are another welcome addition to the growing collection of protective motorcycle gear that can be worn on or off the bike – with the casual observer being none the wiser. Designed to evoke the look of vintage military footwear, each pair of Rodeo Boots is made from Apache batido cowhide…

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Mohawk Motorcycle Boots by REV’IT!

REVIT Mohawk motorcycle Boots 450x330

Motorcycle boots can be a difficult thing to buy, often people are forced to compromise between safety and aesthetics – but every now and then a boot comes along that ticks both boxes. For me, the new Mohawk by REV’IT! is just such a boot. Its design is influenced by the classic Red Wing 877,…

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Péepem Boots by Umberto Luce

Umberto Luce Boots 450x330

These boots by Umberto Luce are designed in the style of classic riding boots, each pair is made from selected, vegetable tanned leather and has a non-slip sole that’ll be at home everywhere from the garage to the office and everywhere in-between. Grab yours here

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The Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot 450x330

  The Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot is exactly the sort of boot our grandfathers wore while they built the country, drank whiskey and didn’t watch reality television. In fact 2014 is the 100 year anniversary of the introduction of the original Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot – the almost identical forefather to the model you see pictured…

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Stylmartin Legend Boots

Stylmartin Legend Boots1 450x330

We’ve featured Stylmartin Legend Boots here on Silodrome before, they’ve always proven to be remarkably popular due to the fact that they look fantastic and offer a thick layer of full-grain leather protection – which comes in handy if you ever find yourself sliding along the asphalt at 60 miles an hour. It takes a…

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The Black Odessa Boot by Chippewa

Black Odessa Boot by Chippewa1 450x330

The Black Odessa Boot by Chippewa is an American made boot with a Goodyear Welt sole, a full-grain American leather upper, a steel shank and a Vibram outsole. I like to feature Chippewa boots a few times a year as they’re one of the few boot manufacturers still making their wares by hand in the…

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Gasolina Classic Motorcycle Boots

Gasolina Classic Motorcycle Boots1 450x330

Gasolina Classic Motorcycle Boots are some of the best looking motorcycle boots you’ll find anywhere, they’ve been styled very closely after the footwear worn by men like Mike Hailwood and John Surtees during the golden age of motorcycle racing and importantly, they still build them using the same methods and technologies available in the ’50s….

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Red Wing Heritage Ice Cutter Boot

Red Wing Heritage Ice Cutter Boot1 450x330

This is the new Red Wing Heritage Ice Cutter Boot, it’s been designed specifically for winter use and has an internal wool liner, full Otter Tail leather construction and a Vibram Lug TC-4 Plus outsole designed for walking on wet and slippery surfaces. As those of us in the northern hemisphere descend further into the…

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