REV’IT! Bleeker Boots

REVIT Bleeker Boots 450x330 - REV'IT! Bleeker Boots

The new REV’IT Bleeker Boots are a great example of the continuing trend towards motorcycle gear with a strong safety component that don’t actually look like motorcycle gear with a strong safety component. This is a huge plus for people who use their motorcycles as daily transportation and don’t necessarily want to look like an…

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Piloti Campione Driving Boots

Piloti Campione Driving Boots 450x330 - Piloti Campione Driving Boots

The new Campione Driving Boots by Piloti are an answer to a question that we’ve been asking for years – what if you want a driving shoe, but don’t want to wear a pair of delicate little loafers with tassels on them? The classically styled driving shoe is not the most manly thing in the…

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Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Boots

Red Wing Blacksmith Boots 450x330 - Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Boots

The Blacksmith Boots by Red Wing have been in production in one way or another for 108 years, they’re constructed to be as resilient as possible with a triple stitched, oil-tanned Copper Yuma Leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company used for the upper and a Goodyear Welt Sole made from Nitrile cork. The boot was originally developed to work in farm…

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Icon 1000 Prep Boot

Icon 1000 Prep Motorcycle Boot 450x330 - Icon 1000 Prep Boot

The new Icon 1000 Prep Boot is a waterproof alternative to the well-known Elsinore Boot that’s quickly become popular with riders across a number of genres. The Prep Boot shares an obvious design language with the Elsinore but strips away some of the flair and adds full waterproofing to ensure it’s a full four season…

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Ice Cutter Boots by Red Wing Heritage

Ice Cutter Boot by Red Wing Shoes 450x330 - Ice Cutter Boots by Red Wing Heritage

Red Wing’s Ice Cutter Boots have been developed for use in climates that see snow and ice during the winter months, the upper is oil-tanned Black Ottertail waterproof leather, natural wool is used throughout for insulation and the sole is Norwegian welt with a Vibram Lug outsole. The Ice Cutter line of boots were originally…

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Danner Light Timber Boot

Danner Light Timber Boot 450x330 - Danner Light Timber Boot

The Danner Light Timber Boot is a traditional hiking boot with a waxed canvas side to improve airflow and avoid the dreaded swamp-foot. All Danner footwear is made by hand in the USA and it’s been that way since 1932 when Charles Danner founded the company. The Light Timber Boot has a Gore-Tex® liner, a…

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Icon 1000 El Bajo Boot

Icon 1000 El Bajo Boots 450x330 - Icon 1000 El Bajo Boot

The Icon 1000 El Bajo Boot is the lower cut version of the Icon 1000 Elsinore Boot, making it more suitable for use as a boot you use both on and off the bike. Much like the Elsinore, the El Bajo has a top grain leather upper, a Goodyear Welt sole, a steel heel plate…

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Marion Olive Boot by Helm Boots

helm boots 450x330 - Marion Olive Boot by Helm Boots

Helm Boots is a small company that takes pride in making all of their wares in the United States using classic American made Horween Chromexcel leather, brass eyelets and Blake Rapid Stitch construction. The choice of olive green is unusual in a boot like this, but it works well with the white pinstripe across the sole and red…

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The Original Driving Shoe

Driving Shoe 4 450x330 - The Original Driving Shoe

The Original Driving Shoe was created in 1963, when the Italian government awarded the designer Gianni Mostile a patent for an an entirely new type of shoe – a slip on leather moccasin with rubber studs in the sole and continuing up the back of the heel. Almost every major shoe maker in the world now has their…

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Mountain Light Boot by Danner

Mountain Light Boot by Danner 450x330 - Mountain Light Boot by Danner

The Mountain Light Boot by Danner was first introduced in 1979, many consider it the finest modern hiking boot ever made so when Danner set about recreating it for a re-release, they built it to the exact same specifications, down to the type of leather used and embossed logo on the ankle. Each boot is…

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REV’IT! Rodeo Boots

REVIT Rodeo Boots 450x330 - REV'IT! Rodeo Boots

The new REV’IT! Rodeo Boots are another welcome addition to the growing collection of protective motorcycle gear that can be worn on or off the bike – with the casual observer being none the wiser. Designed to evoke the look of vintage military footwear, each pair of Rodeo Boots is made from Apache batido cowhide…

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Mohawk Motorcycle Boots by REV’IT!

REVIT Mohawk motorcycle Boots 450x330 - Mohawk Motorcycle Boots by REV'IT!

Motorcycle boots can be a difficult thing to buy, often people are forced to compromise between safety and aesthetics – but every now and then a boot comes along that ticks both boxes. For me, the new Mohawk by REV’IT! is just such a boot. Its design is influenced by the classic Red Wing 877,…

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