Spidi X-Village Motorcycle Boots

Spidi X Village Boots 450x330 - Spidi X-Village Motorcycle Boots

The new Spidi X-Village Boots are protective motorcycle boots with a water-repellent 1.4mm thick, oiled leather upper, a padded collar, and shifter pads on the forefoot. Spidi use a YKK zipper, oiled shoelaces with metallic aglets, a breathable leather insole combined with EVA comfort padding, reinforced support on tip and heel in composite material, a…

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Sparco Cross RB-7 Driving Shoe

Sparco Cross RB 7 driving shoe 450x330 - Sparco Cross RB-7 Driving Shoe

The Sparco Cross RB-7 Driving Shoe has been designed for competition drivers who want full FIA safety certification, in a shoe that looks almost like regular street wear, with only the curved heel offering a hint to its true intentions. Sparco developed the Cross RB-7 with an ultra-soft leather upper with both laces and a…

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IR x RM Outback Motorcycle Riding Shoes

Iron and Resin by Ridgemont Outback Riding Shoes 450x330 - IR x RM Outback Motorcycle Riding Shoes

Iron and Resin have teamed up with Ridgemont to create a fresh take on a very popular moto gear genre – protective riding shoes. We’re seeing more and more offerings in this space, as gear manufacturers realised that the most lucrative market niche would be protective boots that look and feel like regular street wear….

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Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots

Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots 450x330 - Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots

The new Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots have styling that’s both a little retro, and a little futuristic. This makes them suitable for both modern and classic motorcyclists – a cross-genre capability that’s quite rare, while still offering excellent protection for feet and lower legs. Each Retrograde has a full-grain leather upper, a slip resistant sole,…

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Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Motorcycle Shoes

Dainese Street Darker Gore Tex Shoes 450x330 - Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Motorcycle Shoes

The new Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Motorcycle Shoes have been developed by the Italian company to look just like regular streetwear, cleverly hiding both a Gore-Tex breathable waterproof membrane and enough protection to earn it CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC certification. Each Dainese Street Darker boot has rigid inserts on ankles as well as…

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Black or Tan: The Spidi X-Nashville Boots

Spidi X Nashville Boots 450x330 - Black or Tan: The Spidi X-Nashville Boots

The new Spidi X-Nashville Boots were designed to look like the footwear used by cafe racers, chopper riders, and desert racers in the ’60s and ’70s – with all the additional protection you’d want from a product coming out of a company like Spidi. The leather upper is water-repellent and 1.4mm thick, the rear leather…

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SIDI Arcadia Tex Motorcycle Boots

SIDI Arcadia Tex Boots 450x330 - SIDI Arcadia Tex Motorcycle Boots

The new SIDI Arcadia Tex Boots are a further addition to the Italian company’s street-moto wear line – gear that’s designed to be safe for motorcycling but to look almost indistinguishable from regular street gear. The Arcadia Tex Boots have a leather, suede, and Cordura upper, with reinforcements in the ankles, heel and toe provide…

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Piloti Competizione Driving Boots

Piloti Competizione Driving Boots 450x330 - Piloti Competizione Driving Boots

The Competizione Driving Boots by Piloti are designed to be a slightly more casual-looking take on the boots worn by professional racing drivers. That said, they don’t skimp on any of the protective features, and each pair is FIA certified and SFI rated, with a fireproof Dupont® Nomex® lining. Piloti suggest sizing up between half…

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Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots

Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots 450x330 - Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots

Speed and Strength’s new Overhaul Boots have been developed for urban motorcyclists who need protective footwear that they can wear all day long. They’re styled subtly so its unlikely that anyone would even be able to tell they’re not just regular street wear, and they’re offered in both black and tan. Each pair has a…

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The Retro Roland Sands Mojave Boot

Roland Sands Mojave Boot 450x330 - The Retro Roland Sands Mojave Boot

The Roland Sands Mojave Boot is one of the better new additions to the retro motorcycle boot genre. For rider protection the Mojave has a moulded and reinforced protective heel cup, a molded ankle protector insert, a molded protective toe box insert, a side mid-foot protective insert, and a reinforced shank. The upper is 100%…

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Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes

Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes 450x330 - Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes

The Piloti’s new Superstrada driving shoes are a modern interpretation of the classic men’s motoring shoe – designed to be the perfect footwear for an afternoon behind the pedals, tearing across the landscape working your way up and down the box. The Superstrada is a high-cut shoe with twin straps and a lace-up lower, the…

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MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots

MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots 450x330 - MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots

MotoBailey is a Texas-based bootmaker that lays claim to being the first to create Kevlar-lined motorcycle boots. They currently offer two models – the LaRyder and the ElBulli, both of which share a common core structure with a different leather outer. Internally, each MotoBailey boot is fully Kevlar lined for enhanced strength and abrasion resistance….

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