Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots

Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots 450x330 - Speed and Strength Overhaul Boots

Speed and Strength’s new Overhaul Boots have been developed for urban motorcyclists who need protective footwear that they can wear all day long. They’re styled subtly so its unlikely that anyone would even be able to tell they’re not just regular street wear, and they’re offered in both black and tan. Each pair has a…

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The Retro Roland Sands Mojave Boot

Roland Sands Mojave Boot 450x330 - The Retro Roland Sands Mojave Boot

The Roland Sands Mojave Boot is one of the better new additions to the retro motorcycle boot genre. For rider protection the Mojave has a moulded and reinforced protective heel cup, a molded ankle protector insert, a molded protective toe box insert, a side mid-foot protective insert, and a reinforced shank. The upper is 100%…

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Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes

Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes 450x330 - Piloti Superstrada Driving Shoes

The Piloti’s new Superstrada driving shoes are a modern interpretation of the classic men’s motoring shoe – designed to be the perfect footwear for an afternoon behind the pedals, tearing across the landscape working your way up and down the box. The Superstrada is a high-cut shoe with twin straps and a lace-up lower, the…

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MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots

MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots 450x330 - MotoBailey Kevlar Motorcycle Boots

MotoBailey is a Texas-based bootmaker that lays claim to being the first to create Kevlar-lined motorcycle boots. They currently offer two models – the LaRyder and the ElBulli, both of which share a common core structure with a different leather outer. Internally, each MotoBailey boot is fully Kevlar lined for enhanced strength and abrasion resistance….

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OMP Carrera Driving Low Boots

OMP Carrera Driving Low Boots 2 450x330 - OMP Carrera Driving Low Boots

The OMP Carrera Low Boots are driving shoes for those who need full Nomex-lined, FIA homologated (FIA 8856-2000) boots suitable for both modern and vintage motorsport applications. The classic design of the boots also makes them perfectly suited to those who want a driving shoe for their weekend blast up Mulholland Drive or down a…

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Stylmartin Continental Boots

Stylmartin Continental Boots 450x330 - Stylmartin Continental Boots

The Stylmartin Continental Boots are a new design for 2016 from the Italian motorcycle gear manufacturer, they’ve been developed to closely resemble the iconic HighPoint riding boots from 1970s motocross that’ll be immediately familiar to anyone who was there – or anyone who’s a fan of vintage off road racing. The Continental Boots are made…

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Danner x Iron & Resin Boots

Danner Boots 450x330 - Danner x Iron & Resin Boots

Danner and Iron & Resin are both companies we’ve featured numerous times here on Silodrome due to the fact that they both make great gear – and they make it by hand in the USA. This collaboration between the two brands includes a jacket, a hat, and this pair of leather boots. Each pair of…

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Piloti Mille Driving Shoe

Piloti Mille Racing Shoes 450x330 - Piloti Mille Driving Shoe

The Piloti Mille is a driving shoe designed to double up as a discreet dress shoe – for when you need to race the DB5 into Monte Carlo and head directly to the casino. Each pair is made from premium tumbled Italian leather with tonal suede race-inspired red stitch detailing, a Roll Control™ heel, suede trim, and a…

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Swain Boots

Swain Boots 450x330 - Swain Boots

Swain Boots are made by Rodrigo Luis Brito Mendes, a third generation bootmaker based in Lisbon, Portugal. Rodrigo spent most of his adulthood working in IT and didn’t return to the roots laid down by his paternal grandfather in 1918 until recently, when he visited the old workshop that had been left untouched since his grandfather’s…

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Roland Sands Mojave Boot

Roland Sands Mojave Boot 450x330 - Roland Sands Mojave Boot

The Roland Sands Design Mojave Boot is a new offering from the California-based company, they’ve been making a name for themselves for producing gear than looks like street wear but actually incorporates a large amount of accident and impact protection for motorcyclists. With their Mojave Boot, RSD have combined a 100% top-grain cowhide outer with…

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REV’IT! Regent Boots

REVIT Regent Motorcycle Boots 450x330 - REV'IT! Regent Boots

The REV’IT! Regent boot is a protective motorcycle boot designed to be daily wearable whether you’re riding or not. The upper is a water-repellent full grain cowhide leather and waxed suede with a gear shift pad on both feet (for those of you who ride vintage bikes with right side shifters). The polyester internal mesh…

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The Bond Boot

The Bond Boot DANNER MOUNTAIN LIGHT II 450x330 - The Bond Boot

If you’ve seen Spectre, the newest film in the James Bond franchise, you may recognise the boot pictured above. It was worn by 007 during the film as his snow boot of choice and it’s brought the boot’s maker a groundswell of well-deserved attention. The boot is otherwise known as the Danner Mountain Light II,…

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