The new Dainese Dover Gore-Tex motorcycle shoes were developed by the Italian company to fulfill the needs of urban riders who want a safe motorcycle shoe that they can comfortably wear all day.

For obvious reasons laces can be dangerous for motorcyclists, so the Dover Gore-Tex Shoes use a set of speed laced tucked inside a leather cover – sealing the laces away and ensuring the boot remains waterproof.

The shoes are certified to the CE Category II – EN 13634 safety standard, they have rigid inserts on the ankles to provide protection, as well as reflective inserts for nighttime visibility.

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Inside each shoe you’ll find a breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane designed to keep your feet dry even in the heaviest of downpours. Getting caught out by inclement weather isn’t fun for any rider, so at least with these on your feet you won’t suffer the indignity of the squidgy-sock-walk.

The upper is made from cowhide suede and the sole is rubber, with a tread pattern designed to provide grip on a wide variety of surfaces. There’s a gear shifter guard to avoid wearing a hole in your toe box, and Dainese offer the shoes with three sole colors – white, grey/blue, and fluro-yellow.

Sizing ranges from 39 to 47, and there’s a handy sizing chart on the listing page to help you convert from US sizes so you get the right fit first time.

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