These are the FIA-homologated Piloti Pinnacle race boots, they were designed to be suitable for everyone from 24 Hours of Le Mans racers right through to your average Joe heel-and-toe shifting his way through B roads on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The team at Piloti worked side by side with engineers at Stand 21® when developing the Pinnacle boot, Stand 21® is one of the largest racewear manufacturers in the world who supply gear to many top racing teams.

Piloti have made a name for themselves by designing driving shoes and race boots that people actually want to wear, their driving shoes look like normal street wear and their race boots are a great period correct-looking addition to any driver’s garage for events like the Le Mans Classic or Goodwood Revival.

Piloti Pinnacle Race Boots Racer 3

Image DescriptionThese boots are designed specifically for racing, though many like to wear them on track days and brisk weekend drives for the enhanced pedal feel.

The Piloti Pinnacle uses the the Stand 21® anti-vibration, hydrocarbon resistant racing sole with a rounded heel for smooth foot articulation on the pedals. In order to meet modern race homologation safety standards, the boots have a meta-aramind fire retardant lining and a meta-aramid fabric insole.

Inside the boot you’ll find a reinforced lateral forefoot for heel-and-toe downshifting, and it has a perforated toe box and tongue for breathability and moisture control – an essential feature for endurance racing.

Piloti are offering the Pinnacle boot in both black (pictured) and red colorways, sizing ranges from 7 up to 14, and they’re both SFI Approved (3.3/5 rated) and FIA 8856-2000 certified. The MSRP is $265 USD.

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