Vandal was founded in 2016 with a single purpose in mind – to make high-end driving shoes in Spain using the country’s vast shoemaking talent base. The boots you see here are Vandal’s Iconic Medium model, they sit between the Iconic High and Iconic Low models, named to describe how high or low the boot’s ankle cut is.

Each pair of Vandal boots is made to order with a lead time of approximately four weeks, this allows customers to specify custom colors, and Vandal offers this model in blue, two shades of green, and four shades of natural brown leather.

Driving shoes are typically distinguished from normal shoes by their thinner soles and the way the sole curves up around the heel of each foot. The thinner sole is to better transmit pedal feel to the driver’s feet, something thicker soled shoes or boots struggle with, and the sole curving around the heel is to help keep the base of foot planted in the footwell while the driver is working the pedals.

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Collage

Vandal make the Iconic Medium upper from Spanish suede leather, the inner lining of the boot is alcantara, and the soles are all 100% rubber. The collar of the boot uses memory foam padding for comfort and the lace holes are reinforced with fiberglass for longevity.

Sizing ranges from 39 to 48 and there’s a sizing chart on the website which allows you to translate sizes between EU, UK, USA, and centimeters. Each pair is priced at €275 which works out to approximately $333 USD or £238.

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Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Model

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Light Brown

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Light Brown Model

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Light Brown 2

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Green

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Green Model

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Dark Brown

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Dark Brown Back

Vandal Iconic Driving Shoes Blue

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