The Hoss Fly – A 250 HP Chevrolet V8-Powered Barstool

The Hoss Fly - A Chevrolet V8-Powered Bar Stool

The Hoss Fly is a Chevrolet V8-powered barstool created by the team behind the Boss Hoss, an American V8-powered motorcycle that holds the record for having the largest engine of any production motorcycle.

Whereas the Boss Hoss is a series of road legal motorcycles, the Hoss Fly is designed as a non-road legal novelty vehicle that has a top speed of 25 mph, a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs, and it fits neatly into the back of a pickup truck.

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Documentary: The Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

This film from 1950 was created to give Americans a look into what it was like to fly on the then-new Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. The Stratocruiser was an advanced aircraft for its time, it featured a pressurised cabin, two floors of seating for passengers, and it could carry up to 100 people. The…

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The Whiskey Will Do T-Shirt by Bridge & Burn

Whiskey Will Do T-Shirt

The Whiskey Will Do t-shirt by Bridge & Burn is one of their more popular designs, probably because it carries a simple message that we can all relate to. Bridge & Burn is a Portland, Oregon based company that makes all of their t-shirts in San Francisco before printing them locally in Portland. Company founder…

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1912 Indian Twin Board Track Racer – An Early American 100+mph Superbike


This 1912 Indian Board Track Racer is a pristine restoration by globally recognised expert Jim Prosper. Prosper is one of the finest restorers of Indian board track racers in the world, his restorations are considered some of the most authentic, factory-specification examples and they’re rebuilt using nearly all early factory parts that are painstaking sourced from…

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