Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

vintage motorcycle helmets

Click here to view the full Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Collection. Legal Disclaimer: Silodrome doesn’t recommend wearing vintage helmets on the road, years of shell degradation can lead to them being relatively weak, even in mint condition they’re still antiquated from a modern safety perspective. History The concept of the motorcycle helmet has been around almost as…

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Old School MX Gloves by Reign VMW


The team at Reign VMW only recently released this new glove, they’ve called it the “Old School MX Glove” due to its retro design influences – including that classic ’70s style piping across the back of the fingers and hand. Rather than use leather, which tends to get uncomfortably hot in the summer, the Old…

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The Bolt Safe

bolt safe

Keeping a hidden stash of money handy in case of emergency is something most of us do in our cars and/or motorcycles, the obvious issue is finding a place to hide a couple of $100 bills where prying eyes and wandering fingers can’t find them. This is where the Bolt Safe comes into its own,…

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Pop’s EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile

Pops EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile

Pop’s EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile is designed to be a pocket-friendly everyday carry kit that can be easily customised to include your house and/or car keys. The kit can be bought as the pouch only, or fully equipped – the fully equipped kit includes a waterproof brass lighter, a pry bar, a flat head and phillips head…

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SOL Survival Medic Kit

SOL Survival Medic Kit

Although they aren’t very rock n’ roll, medical kits are an essential carry item during almost all summer activities – especially if you have kids or clumsy friends. The kit you see here is the SOL Survival Medic Kit, it’s designed as a hybrid survival/medical kit and it measures in at just 6″ x 5″ x 1″…

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Sterling Silver Pocket Compass

Silver Pocket Compass

There’s a lot to be said for having a compass on you at all times, you never know when that world-ending ebola outbreak is going to occur and in the meantime, if your iPhone battery dies you’ll still have a hope of not getting lost. The 1.4 inch compass pictured here is handmade in England from…

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Persol 649

Persol 649 Sunglasses

Persol was originally founded to produce military-grade eyewear for pilots, as you might imagine the Italian version of aviator sunglasses looks a little different to the designs from Britain, Germany and the USA. The Persol 649 has polarised lenses and brown tortoiseshell acetate frames, the build quality is amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in…

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Sparco Top+ SH-5 Racing Boots

Sparco Racing Boots

The Sparco Top+ SH-5 Racing Boot is a fully FIA certified, Nomex lined shoe designed for use by both professional and amateur racing car drivers. Each pair has an anatomic pre-shaped latex insole with memory foam for comfort during longer drives, the outer sole is anti-static, oil/fuel resistant and utilizes anti-slip technology for increased pedal…

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Waxed Canvas Rucksack by Rugged Material

Waxed Canvas Rucksack by Rugged Material 1

Rugged Material is a new company based in Cedar City, Utah that was founded by motorcyclist and product designer Tyler Condie. Tyler’s goal has been to create a series of everyday-carry items that’ll outlast modern civilisation and with that in mind, he gives each product a lifetime warranty – not something you see very often….

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Copper Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

The classic cocktail shaker is an essential part of any home bar and allows you to create a huge array of cocktails – from stirred gin martinis to shaken margaritas and everything inbetween. The company that produces these particular cocktail shakers has been in business for almost 200 years, the inside of the shaker is…

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