Evel Knievel – Feature Film

evel knievel 450x330 - Evel Knievel - Feature Film

This 1971 feature film tells the story of infamous motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel. It’s equal parts comedy and biography with plenty of stunts thrown in for good measure, it’s 1:28:00 long and it’s well worth watching if you’re the kind of person who used to jump bicycles over rickety wooden ramps as a child.

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Mystery Racer

mystery racing car 450x330 - Mystery Racer

We received this photo in the email inbox yesterday from a Silodrome reader, he wanted some more information on the car but we’re all stumped. It’s a beautiful looking retro racer and now we’re curious as well, so if you know anything about it, or can offer some clues, let us know in the comments below.

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Intelligentsia Filter Mug

INTELLIGENTSIA Filter Mug1 450x330 - Intelligentsia Filter Mug

I love coffee. As any great lover of coffee will tell you, you have to have the right gear or you won’t get the right coffee. Now personally, I’m a french press man with a penchant for South American 100% arabica coffee..

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Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet 450x330 - Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

The Bell 500 Helmet Series has proven to be exceedingly popular, the combination of retro design with modern safety standards is an alluring blend for many motorcyclists, especially those who prefer the 3/4 face helmet style.

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Machine Gun Motorcycle

Machine Gun Motorcycle www.Silodrome.com  450x330 - Machine Gun Motorcycle

In the days before optional ABS and wuss-o-rama-heated-grips they had optional sidecar mounted machine guns. The old days kick ass. I can’t help but think motorists would be far less likely to pull out on front of motorcyclists if these were still fitted. (Click image for high-res version)

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Distressed Helmets by Old School Helmets

4triumph 450x330 - Distressed Helmets by Old School Helmets

Small scale custom workshops are the lifeblood of the underground motorcycle community, and not just bike builders either, specialist workshops like Old School Helmets inject boatloads of retro class into their helmets and we love nothing more than to bring much needed attention to the “little guy” as opposed to the big name manufacturers. 

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