MicroShiner Magazine

Micro Shiner Magazine 450x330

MicroShiner Magazine is a relatively new quarterly magazine dedicated to craft distilleries and low volume spirits – as you may have noticed, the name is a play on the terms “Micro Distiller” and “Moon Shiner”. I have a fondness for small batch spirits, particularly bourbons and gins, but it can be hard to track down…

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Hip Flask Book Safe

Hipflask Book Hiding Place 450x330

Most enthusiastic drinkers will tell you that it’s important to have a stash somewhere in the house that the other half doesn’t know about – with the best hiding spot being inside a book that they’ll never even look at twice, like a boring plain black volume called “An Encyclopaedia of American Humor”. Each one…

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Stag Horn Whiskey Flight

Whiskey Flight 1 450x330

This Stag Horn Whiskey Flight is made by hand from genuine stag horn in Scotland – the original home of the nectar of the gods. Each flight includes 4 whiskey tasting glasses designed to fit perfectly and offering the whiskey connoisseur a serving option that’ll impress everyone, up to and including Ron Swanson. Grab yours…

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BAM & POW Hip Flasks

BAM Hip Flask 2 450x330

Occasionally we all need a comicbook-style bam to the face, just to bring us back to reality. These hip flasks from Eyval Decal cost a rather affordable $19.95 apiece, making them excellent Christmas gifts for those who like the occasional tipple. Grab yours here – BAM Flask – POW Flask

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Whiskey Poster by Jon Contino

Whiskey Poster by Jon Contino Thumbnail 450x330

This gallery quality Giclée print by Jon Contino features lyrics from the halyard shanty ‘Whiskey Johnny’, it’s printed on natural 100% cotton rag archival paper using special archival inks. The poster is offered in 4 sizes ranging from small to large, with large being 20″ x 28″ in size – the only question now is…

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MuzzleShot Shot Glass

MuzzleShot Shot Glass 21

The MuzzleShot is a shot glass machined from a block of billet heat-treated aluminium, each ‘glass’ has a 1.5 ounce capacity and offers a zero-flavour-transfer anodised finish. If you’ve been looking around for the perfect Father’s Day gift and your Dad is a fan of whiskey, firearms and engineering, this may very well be the perfect thing for him.

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Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Bulleit Rye Whiskey 450x330

Bulleit Rye Whiskey is a relatively new offering from the bourbon distillers at Bulleit – unlike the corn-based nature of bourbon this rye is created from a 95% rye and 5% malted barley blend giving it a cherry, tobacco, spice nose and and a series of flavours like tobacco, vanilla, cherry and malt.

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