George T. Stagg

George T. Stagg 450x330 - George T. Stagg

George T. Stagg is a very limited-production bourbon created by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, it’s part of the distillery’s ‘Antique Collection’ series and is world-famous for its rather rocket-fuelly 70+% alcohol rating.

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Whisky Stones

whisky stones - Whisky Stones

I’ve been wanting to feature these Teroforma Whisky Stones for a long while, I decided to save them for just before Christmas because I think that many of you, like me, would find the idea of giving people a handful of rocks as a Christmas gift to be quite appealing.

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The Hell With Work Hip Flask

Gift Hip Flask 450x330 - The Hell With Work Hip Flask

The team at Izola have a special knack for making stuff that I’d commit an armed felony to own. This “The Hell With Work” hip flask is a great example of their gear, it’s made from stainless steel, has a flat bottom and a screw-on cap to keep that sweet, sweet nectar safe.

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Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit shadow 450x330 - Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Ice balls are a relatively new discovery of mine, I first encountered them when my brother, who was a bar manager at the time, pulled out a contraption and loaded a giant cube of ice into it. The device slowly melted the cube into a clear sphere of ice which was then dropped into my bourbon.

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