The North Georgia Still Company prides themselves on making world class copper stills using traditional techniques. They use 100% American copper, and they ship all their moonshine and whiskey making gear out in plain brown boxes – so the boys in blue and the nosey neighbors don’t know you’re turning to a life of bootlegging like Popcorn Sutton.

The still you see here is their 2.5 gallon kit, made from pure copper with lead-free silver solder, and each still is precision cut, hand rolled, assembled, and soldered by the same craftsman from start to finish.

Once complete, they’re then pressure and leak tested – this ensures that each still is safe and ready for distilling. The North Georgia Still Company have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they’re happy to take orders for custom-sized stills.

The 2.5 gallon still costs $240 USD – making it a very affordable entry to the world of home distilling, whether you plan to make whiskey, vodka, gin, bourbon, or moonshine.

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Published by Ben Branch -