Cosmonaut Survival Machete

COSMONAUT SURVIVAL MACHETE 450x330 - Cosmonaut Survival Machete

It isn’t every day you get the chance to buy an original Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete but I’m here to tell you that today is just such a day. Or more accurately, such a day will happen on the 8th of April at the Bonhams Space History Sale in New York. All Soviet cosmonauts were…

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The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

Nutter Cycle Multi Tool 1 450x330 - The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool is an all-in-one solution to bicycle maintenance by the team at The Full Windsor Shop, it contains a nylon tyre lever, a 15mm box head spanner, a spoke key, 3/4/5/6/8mm hex tool bits, a Philips head screw driver, a flat head screw driver, a T25 torx bit, a magnetic tool bit extender and a…

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Airborne Throwing Axe by Base Camp X

Redhead 450x330 - Airborne Throwing Axe by Base Camp X

The Airborne Throwing Axe by Base Camp X is designed specifically for axe throwing competitions, the double-bit head gives the axe an edge over single bit heads in that in has twice the available blade area to thwack into the wooden target. Although axe throwing might sound like something that no one has done deliberately since…

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Motorcycle Tool Roll by Union Garage NYC

Motorcycle Tool Roll 740x7401 450x330 - Motorcycle Tool Roll by Union Garage NYC

The Tool Roll by Union Garage NYC is a new product from the New York based company, it’s designed to be an all-inclusive set of tools for metric motorcycles that’ll keep you on the road, even when your bike is being a little temperamental. It comes equipped with a 50 piece tool kit, including American­-made Leatherman…

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Cammenga Phosphorescent Compass

Phosphorescent Compass1 450x330 - Cammenga Phosphorescent Compass

The Cammenga® 27 Phosphorescent Compass is a traditional, military-style compass for people who think GPS navigation is for old ladies, Prius drivers and ICBMs. The compass has a lightweight aluminium-cast housing, it’s waterproof and has long-lasting phosphorescent self-illumination. If you’ve been looking for a compass that’ll still work after the collapse of modern civilisation, this…

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Work Khukri by Base Camp X

Work Khukri by Base Camp X1 450x330 - Work Khukri by Base Camp X

The Work Khukri by Base Camp X is a modern take on the ancient Khukri, a blade used by the Nepalese for hundreds of years for everything from chopping wood to warfare and everything in-between. The Base Camp X Khukri has a 10″ hand-forged blade made from reclaimed high carbon steel and a 1/4″ width,…

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British Army Knife

British Army Knife 450x330 - British Army Knife

The timeless British Army Knife has seen a resurgence in popularity of late, this is mostly due to the fact that its sub-3″ blade means that its 100% street legal in the UK and the many other countries that limit blade length for safety reasons. Each British Army Knife is still made using traditional methods…

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The Huckberry Black Collection

Silodrome kit 41 450x330 - The Huckberry Black Collection

In the lead up to Christmas we’ve been working with the team at Huckberry to see if we can find a way to give away some of their great gear to our readers, so here’s the deal: Take a look at the stuff we’ve featured here and decide which you’d find the most useful, then…

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Detroit Cargo Tool Bag

DavisonLager1 - Detroit Cargo Tool Bag

This leather tool bag by Detroit Cargo has twin leather straps on the back, allowing it to be mounted on the front or back of a bicycle or motorcycle. Each bag is made by hand in Detroit from American materials and comes with a 10 year warranty, which isn’t something you see everyday in the…

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Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife

Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife closed1 - Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife

The smartphone has largely taken over the pocket space that used to be dedicated to the pocketknife and I think that’s a damn shame – even with 100,000 plus apps in the app store, you still can’t use your iPhone to cut a rope, shape a spear, skin a rabbit or cut the cap off…

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