Detroit Cargo Tool Bag

DavisonLager1 - Detroit Cargo Tool Bag

This leather tool bag by Detroit Cargo has twin leather straps on the back, allowing it to be mounted on the front or back of a bicycle or motorcycle. Each bag is made by hand in Detroit from American materials and comes with a 10 year warranty, which isn’t something you see everyday in the…

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Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife

Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife closed1 - Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife

The smartphone has largely taken over the pocket space that used to be dedicated to the pocketknife and I think that’s a damn shame – even with 100,000 plus apps in the app store, you still can’t use your iPhone to cut a rope, shape a spear, skin a rabbit or cut the cap off…

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G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife

pocket knife 2 - G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife

        The G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife is designed as an heirloom quality blade, each one is handmade by Gene Wiseman in Oklahoma – a process that takes 2 days per knife. Each one is made from tool-grade D-2 steel and has brass fittings to ensure that it’ll still be working perfectly…

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ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker coffee1 - ROK Manual Espresso Maker

The ROK Manual Espresso Maker is an entirely electricity free method of creating a proper espresso, the two handles are used to apply pressure to hot water in the upper container, this water is then forced through the coffee in the handle. Any decent barista will tell you that when it comes to espresso, pressure…

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Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

DAMASCUS STEEL POCKET KNIFE 2 - Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

The pocket knife you see here is made using high-grade Swedish rose stainless damascus steel coupled with carbon fibre in the handle. Each knife is 6 7/8″ open and 4 1/8″ folded, they’re made in France and they’ll make a hell of a cool family heirloom.

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nanoSTRIKER™ Fire starter1 - nanoSTRIKER™

The nanoSTRIKER™ is a keychain sized fire starter designed to be carried every day without getting in your way. It contains a ferrocerium rod and a tungsten carbide insert to create a shower of sparks each time it’s scraped.

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Joby Gorillatorch

Joby Gorillatorch 3 - Joby Gorillatorch

Although this is perhaps not the most handsome gadget we’ve ever featured, it is possibly the most useful. With its magnetic, twisting legs and powerful LED flashlight, the Joby Gorillatorch is exactly the sort of thing you want when rolling around in the filth under your sump looking for that damned washer you just dropped.

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Leatherman Style CS Clip-On

Leatherman Style CS Clip On 2 - Leatherman Style CS Clip-On

This clip-on multi-tool from Leatherman is slightly smaller and more pocket friendly than some of the company’s larger tools, it’s designed to be clipped to a belt loop or rucksack and forgotten about – until you find yourself needing a knife, scissors, a file, tweezers or something to throw at a bear while you run for the hills.

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