American Optical Pilot Sunglasses

American Optical Flight Goggle 58 450x330 - American Optical Pilot Sunglasses

In 1958 American Optical released the Flight Goggle 58 – now better known as the “Original Pilot Sunglass” (or OPS) for the US Air Force and NASA. The Flight Goggle 58 would become standard issue for all American pilots and astronauts from the late-50s right the way through into the mid-80s, three decades that would…

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Stelvio Sunglasses Autodromo

Stelvio Sunglasses Autodromo1 450x330 - Stelvio Sunglasses Autodromo

The new Stelvio range of sunglasses from Autodromo have been designed to evoke the style of the sunglasses worn by drivers in the 1950s, each pair is made by hand from high-quality acetates and has polarised UV lenses with stainless steel detailing. If you think Persol sunglasses are a little passé and that Ray-Bans have…

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Ottomilla 8M1 Sunglasses

Ottomilla 8M1 Sunglasses thumbnail - Ottomilla 8M1 Sunglasses

The Ottomilla 8M1 is a limited edition series of sunglasses that are each handmade in Italy, as it happens ‘Ottomilla’ is Italian for ‘8,000’ and that also happens to be the number of this model that’ll made for sale worldwide. The design of the 8M1 was influenced by the mountaineers of the 1930’s, men who…

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Shwood Wood Sunglasses

Shwood Wood Sunglasses Govy1 - Shwood Wood Sunglasses

If you’ve ever wanted a pair of sunglasses that float you might want to take a look at these wooden sunglasses by Shwood. The model pictured here is called the “Govy”, each pair comes in a protective wooden box and the MSRP is $145 – which is comparable with a mid-range pair of Ray-Bans or Oakleys.

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Ray-Ban Clubmaster

RayBan Clubmaster 3 - Ray-Ban Clubmaster

The Clubmaster by Ray-Ban is one of the most iconic sunglass designs of the 20th century, the retro look has now entered “timeless” status – meaning they’re in the same league as the Wayfarer and the Aviator as sunglasses that you can wear no matter what the current trends are, and still look good.

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