These are the new Skram Fours, they’re a shatterproof and impact resistant pair of sunglasses specifically designed for motorcyclists.

Skram sunglasses are also suitable for anyone who wants both 100% UV protection and impact protection, people like snowboarders, skateboarders, cyclists, downhill mountain bikers, and people who ride around on those little electric scooter things.

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Image DescriptionSkram Fours have strong acetate frames and special lenses that are scratch, shatter, and impact resistant, making them perfect for motorcyclists.

The Skram Fours are the latest addition to the expanding collection from the Australian company, each variety is named numerically for the sake of simplicity so the earlier models are named Ones, Twos, and Threes respectively.

Much like their forebears, the Skram Fours have strong acetate frames with special shatterproof, impact, and scratch resistant lenses that all offer 100% UV protection.

There are two lens options to choose from, Transitions® yellow tint, or Transitions® classic tint, they’re photochromic lenses that adjust the tint level based on the amount of light in the environment around you.

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Image DescriptionThe Fours use Transitions® lenses that start in your choice of clear or yellow, then progressively darken as the light gets brighter.

The frames can be ordered in your choice of Black, Clear, or Havana, which is a modern take on the classic tortoise shell look.

The Skram Fours retail for $199 AUD which works out to approximately $143 USD, they come with a 14 days for a full refund or exchange policy and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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