American Deluxe Fender Telecaster

American Deluxe Fender Telecaster 450x330 - American Deluxe Fender Telecaster

The American Deluxe Fender Telecaster is a modern version of one of the most famous guitars in history, the ash-bodied electric guitar was first released in 1950 and it was the world’s first commercial solid-body, single-cutaway electric guitar. The sound created by the Telecaster was unlike anything else, it’s widely credited with helping to shape…

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Pink Floyd’s La Carrera Panamericana

La Carrera Panamericana1 450x330 - Pink Floyd's La Carrera Panamericana

La Carrera Panamericana is a documentary directed by Ian McArthur that follows Pink Floyd bandmates David Gilmour (guitarist), Nick Mason (drummer) and Steve O’Rourke (manager) as they race in the revived Carrera Panamerica in 1991. The film was released in 1992 and it includes a number of instrumental tracks that the band wrote specifically for…

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Skateboard Guitars

Skateboard Guitars 28 450x330 - Skateboard Guitars

The Skateboard Guitar is an interesting little invention that I first came across in early 2012, I have vague memories of my Mrs wrestling my wallet out of my hand as I frantically tried to buy one. She wasn’t wrong, I have far more guitars than anyone realistically needs, but somewhere deep inside my soul the…

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Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit

Tube Amplifier Kit 450x330 - Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit

Vacuum tube based amplifiers have been making a significant comeback over the past 10 years or so, they were ubiquitous before the invention of the transistor – which due to its low cost and ease of manufacture quickly replaced tubes in almost all applications. The reason vacuum tubes have seen such a return to favour…

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Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable

Music Hall MMF 2.2 Turntable 450x330 - Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable

The MMF-2.2 Turntable by Music Hall is an audiophile-quality record player that can produce a class of sound from vinyl that many of us aren’t used to, and it does it for far fewer clams than most would expect to pay for something with the word audiophile associated with it. Vinyl has been seeing a surge…

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Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable1 450x330 - Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

The Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable is a fantastic, affordable turntable for those who prefer the warmer tones produced by vinyl records. Each unit comes with an NP6 needle, a manual return tone-arm, a headphone jack, an RCA output, it also plays all 3 most common speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM) and has dynamic full-range…

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Silodrome Singles: Foxygen – No Destruction

Foxygen Cover 450x330 - Silodrome Singles: Foxygen - No Destruction

After a short hiatus we decided to bring back the Silodrome Singles series this week, it’s set to be a collection of music that we like – largely featuring slightly less famous bands from independent record labels. No Destruction is one of the singles released by Foxygen earlier this year, it’s been well-received by the…

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First Responder BoomCase

First Responder BoomCase1 - First Responder BoomCase

Each of the cases is rechargeable from any standard outlet and come with the required cables to plug your iPhone, iPod, Android phone etc into them, to create an instant party wherever you happen to be. This case is built into a vintage First Aid Kit, meaning it should be tough enough to survive Coachella, Glastonbury or a night out in the famous party town of Gomorrah.

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