This is the Lumber Jack, it’s a new release from the team at BoomCase who have become globally famous for their handmade boomboxes – each built into a vintage suitcase, steamer trunk, tool box, or carry case.

Each BoomCase has an internal lithium-ion battery system, an amplifier, inputs, a battery meter, and speakers – when ordering you can choose optional extras like Bluetooth connectivity. Most BoomCase owners use them hooked up to their smartphone, this allows them to play music at outdoor (and some indoor) events at much higher volume than normal portable smartphone speakers.

No two BoomCases are quite the same as the company sources vintage suitcases, boxes, or trunks for each build. Each BoomCase is handmade in California and final specifications tend to vary on each one, some are larger with more speakers and a bigger amplifier, and some are smaller, allowing customers to choose the right size for their needs.

BoomCase BoomBox Stereo Collage

The model you see here has a 100 Watt amplifier, two 5.25″ aluminum woofers, and two fabric dome tweeters. It features a frequency response of 60hz to 21,000hz and it has 16+ hours of battery life thanks to the rechargeable, built-in lithium ion pack.

The case itself measures in at 14″ x 10″ x 7″ and it tips the scales at 12 lbs or 5.4 kgs. These cases come standard with an auxiliary port (Aux) for plugging in your music device and a battery meter.

When ordering you can also choose to have them add any of the following: Bluetooth, a shoulder strap, an external volume knob, or a bottle opener – that last item might come in more handy than you realize.

The Lumber Jack has an MSRP of $624 USD, each comes with a warranty from BoomCase, if you happen to break it you can also send it back in and they’ll fix it for you at cost. Both US and international shipping are available, with US shipping taking 4 to 7 days and costing $45 USD on average.

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