Reliant Rugged Robin

Reliant Rugged Robin 1 450x330 - Reliant Rugged Robin

Meet the Reliant Rugged Robin, it’s an original Robin that’s been pulled to bits and rebuilt A-Team style. The matte green little beast has tank tracks fitted at the rear as well as a Browning .50 cal machine gun…

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Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson 1 450x330 - Amy Johnson

In some respects, Amy Johnson was the British version of Amelia Earhart. Although she never achieved the same fame both of the women were pioneers in flight, both set multiple world records and both died young in tragic, water related accidents.

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Bomber Boys

Bomber Boys 450x330 - Bomber Boys

WWII documentaries always fascinate me, this film by Ewan MacGregor is a brilliant insight into lives of the Lancaster crews of the war. There is some special significance here for me because my Great Uncle Alf was a bombardier or bomb aimer on the Lancaster during the war, he was one of the lucky ones who survived.

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WWII Ford GPW Jeep

WWII Jeep 450x330 - WWII Ford GPW Jeep

The classic World War II Jeep is a car that I’ve always wanted, perhaps not as a daily driver but certainly as a weekend warrior. Having an original WWII vintage, non-modified version with the military paint-markings still in place like the jeep here would be a major bonus and the temptation to smoke a cigar and shout at people whilst driving around in it would be almost too much to resist.

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