Never Start Something You Can’t Stop

Ford GT 40 9 450x330 - Never Start Something You Can't Stop

Never Start Something You Can’t Stop is a documentary by Ferodo about the 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans. It’s actually a pretty remarkable 30 minutes of filmmaking that starts with none other than Sir Stirling Moss narrating a lap of Le Mans, with footage provided by a camera mounted to the front of a Ford…

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Steve McQueen’s Porsche 911T

Porsche 911T 450x330 - Steve McQueen's Porsche 911T

The Porsche 911T made its debut in 1967 as a direct replacement for the 912 as an entry level version of the now legendary 911. The “T” in its name stood for “Touring” and in order to make the air-cooled engine suitable for long distance driving it was slightly detuned from 130 hp to 110…

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Ford GT40 Cutaway

1965 Ford GT40 450x330 - Ford GT40 Cutaway

The GT40 gave Ford the first overall Le Mans victory for an American manufacturer in 1966, the win was noteworthy for a few reasons – it was also the first win for an American team at a large European race since Jimmy Murphy took the top step on the podium with his Duesenberg in 1921…

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Ferrari 250 LM

Ferrari 250 LM 35 450x330 - Ferrari 250 LM

The Ferrari 250 LM was one of Enzo Ferrari’s first dalliances with mid-engine configured cars – he had stubbornly persisted with front mounted V12 for years despite the staggering successes of men like John Cooper and their lightweight, mid-engined, race winning Grand Prix cars. The new 250 LM would be fitted with a rear-mid mounted…

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Jaguar XJR-9 Poster

Jaguar XJR 9 Poster 1 450x330 - Jaguar XJR-9 Poster

Heritage Racing is a boutique racing art company run by the father and son team of Jeff and Casey Maciejewski, all of their work is created in-house and you’ll never see it for sale anywhere other than their Etsy store. This poster shows a beautiful angle of the iconic Jaguar XJR-9 – this was the…

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Aston Martin at Le Mans – 1959

Aston Martin at Le Mans 450x330 - Aston Martin at Le Mans - 1959

Aston Martin at Le Mans is a 30 minute film covering the entry of the British marque at the 1959 Le Mans, lead by driver Stirling Moss. The racing effort in ’59 was entrusted to the beautiful Aston Martin DBR1, a car that had been introduced in 1956 and evolved in iterations until the end of…

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Carroll Shelby Goes Racing With Ford

Carroll Shelby Goes Racing With Ford 450x330 - Carroll Shelby Goes Racing With Ford

Carroll Shelby Goes Racing With Ford is a 1965 film presented by Carroll Shelby and featuring the likes of Pete Brock, Ken Miles and Dan Gurney. It’s an interesting look into the very early days of the Ford GT40 – before it had won any significant races or appeared on the radar of Ferrari. What…

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1963 Lola Mk6 GT

Lola MK6 GT Car 1 450x330 - 1963 Lola Mk6 GT

The Lola Mk6 GT is a car that may look vaguely familiar as it would eventually become the basis of the iconic and hugely successful Ford GT40. Similar to the GT40, the Lola Mk6 GT had a mid-mounted Ford V8, a space-frame chassis, a lightweight body with a Kammback profile and an exceptionally low roofline….

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1969 Ford GT40 Mk 1

Ford GT40 450x330 - 1969 Ford GT40 Mk 1

The Ford GT40 is an British designed and built endurance racer that was developed with the sole purpose of taking the fight to Ferrari. The 1969 Ford GT40 Mk 1 you see here was one of the first generation of cars sold to private teams and individuals to compete in both local and international events around…

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