The “Bullitt” Mustang

Bullitt Mustang McQueen1 450x330 - The "Bullitt" Mustang

The “Bullitt” Mustang you see here was built by Gateway Classics for Chad McQueen (Steve McQueen’s son) in 2011, it was designed as a modern interpretation of the classic 1968 fastback used in the iconic film from the same year. The project began as an idea for the TV series “Celebrity Rides”, the producer wanted to…

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1966 Shelby GT350H Race Car

1966 Shelby GT350H Race Car 71 - 1966 Shelby GT350H Race Car

The 1966 Shelby GT350H is one of the most historically interesting of the early Shelby Mustangs, it came about as a result of the Shelby company approaching the Hertz rental car company with the idea of producing between 50 and 100 specially built cars that would be rented out to enthusiasts for $17 a day.

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Ford RS200 Coupé

Ford RS200 front1 - Ford RS200 Coupé

The Ford RS200 is one of the most famous of the non-USA developed Fords ever made. In fact I can’t think of another that even comes close, with the possible exception of the Ford GT40 – but my American friends get angry with me when I remind them that the GT40 was designed and built in England.

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Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe

1972 Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe1 - Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe

The 1972 Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe was the car that cemented the reputation of the Ford Capri as the ‘European Mustang’, the ’72 RS2600 won the European Touring Car Championship at the hands of Jochen Mass – the ’71 RS2600 had also won the ETCC in the hands of Germany’s Dieter Glemser. These back-to-back wins gave the Capri some much needed racing DNA and led to the car being offered for sale in South Africa, Australia and the USA.

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LC Fabrications ’61 Econoline

vintage econoline 450x330 - LC Fabrications '61 Econoline

Some people have a hard time understanding an obsession with old trucks, 4x4s and vans. They require a lot of work, they blow more smoke than an ageing French prostitute and they require more maintenance than a Jewish mother in-law.

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