The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company

McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company 8

The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket is a new design from the Tobacco Motorwear Company, they developed it to meet the demand from riders who want safe protective gear that looks like regular streetwear. Many motorcycle gear manufacturers produce jackets, pants, boots, and gloves that are well-suited to the track, but ill-suited to daily commuting. Commuters and…

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Rickman Motocross Jersey by Reign VMX

Rickman Jersey

The Rickman Motocross Jersey by Reign VMX is a classically styled racing jersey is made from a modern micro-birdseye vented, moisture wicking polyester fabric to keep you cool on warmer days. It includes the period-correct padded elbows, a drop-tail cut in the back to keep your jersey tucked in, and a wide cuff design that…

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The Jane Motorcycles Mercer CPO Moto Riding Shirt

Jane Motorcycles Mercer CPO Moto Riding Shirt

The new Mercer CPO Riding Shirt was developed by Jane Motorcycles to be a shirt suitable for motorcycle use – particularly for those who ride in lower-speed urban environments in the warmer summer months and choose to forgo wearing a jacket due to the heat. The team at Jane Motorcycles have the main shell made…

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Homologation Specials Subaru 22B Shirt by DNBK

Subaru 22B T-Shirt

The Subaru 22B was built between March and August 1998 in very limited numbers to celebrate both Subaru’s 40th anniversary and the 3rd consecutive manufacturer’s title in the World Rally Championship. The car is considered by some (including me) to be one of the best looking Subarus ever built, with its sleek coupe body, flared…

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The British Originals: Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves

The Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves are made in England using traditional materials and techniques, including 1.0mm hand-waxed Aniline cowhide leather and 5 strand cotton thread stitching throughout. The Goldtop Company Goldtop is a name many modern motorcyclists aren’t familiar with, but their fathers and grandfathers probably are – the company was founded in 1951 and…

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Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves 3

Professional and gentleman racing drivers have been wearing driving gloves since the early days of motorsport. The reason that gloves are so important is that being a racing driver is an altogether more vigorous activity than casually driving yourself to work in the morning, hands get blisters after an hour or two (or more) behind…

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