The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack

The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack 450x330 - The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack

The Peloton Asphalt is a new motorcycle backpack developed as a collaboration between Thrive Motorcycle and Life Behind Bars. It’s been designed as a bag that can be used everyday, and then extended for use on road trips and weekends away. In daily mode it has a capacity of 34 litres, and in adventure mode…

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Plane Weekend Bag

Plane Weekend Bag 1 450x330 - Plane Weekend Bag

Plane is a new company based in Great Britain that builds tough, high-end bags from repurposed aircraft seat materials. These aeronautical textiles have been developed to be exceedingly hard-wearing, flame proof, stain proof, and lightweight – making them ideal for use in travel bags. The Weekend Bag comes in two styles, one is plain blue…

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The Everyday Messenger Bag

Everyday Messenger Bag Peak Design 450x330 - The Everyday Messenger Bag

The perfect photography bag a thing that’s genuinely hard to come by, largely because each photographer has different needs and different gear. Peak Design decided to take up the challenge of designing one that would be perfect for everyone to use everyday. The Everyday Messenger Bag comes in either 13″ or 15″ sizes, your choice would…

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Icon 1000 Advokat Backpack

Icon 1000 Advokat Backpack 450x330 - Icon 1000 Advokat Backpack

The new Advokat Backpack is part of the new 2016 Icon 1000 collection, it’s a backpack specifically designed for motorcyclists and has padded shoulders and 3D mesh paneling to keep it comfortable. The exterior is cotton canvas and it has an integrated rain fly to keep it dry when the heavens open. Icon 1000 have…

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The Sandqvist Roald Ground Backpack

Sandqvist Roald Ground Backpack 450x330 - The Sandqvist Roald Ground Backpack

The Roald Ground Backpack by Sandqvist is a classically styled Scandinavian hiking carry-all with a 17 litre capacity, a padded laptop compartment and two outer pockets. Sandqvist named the backpack after the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen – the first person to have reached both poles and the leader of the first expedition to have…

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The PRVKE Photographer’s Pack

The PRVKE 450x330 - The PRVKE Photographer's Pack

The PRVKE Pack is a newly developed rucksack by the team over at WANDRD, it’s been created to suit a broad range of uses but it’s likely to be most interesting to professional photographers who need a way to carry their gear in a moderately sized and easy to carry bag. Each PRVKE Pack has…

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Iron & Resin Motorcycle Pannier Bag

Motorcycle Pannier Bag 450x330 - Iron & Resin Motorcycle Pannier Bag

Motorcycles are almost undoubtably the greatest way to travel cross country, if you don’t mind bugs in your teeth and the wind in your hair. The only drawback of course is that it can be very difficult to carry any significant amount of gear with you, backpacks are an option but they get mighty uncomfortable…

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The Mission Briefcase

The Mission Briefcase 7 450x330 - The Mission Briefcase

The Mission Briefcase by Rugged Material is a bag developed to be an extensible as possible for people who need an executive briefcase to convert into a backpack, a shoulder bag or carry on luggage in a moments notice. This is especially useful for people who ride a motorcycle or bicycle in to work everyday,…

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4Style Leather Duffel Bag by Chivote

Leather Duffel Bag 450x330 - 4Style Leather Duffel Bag by Chivote

The new 4Style Duffel Bag by Chivote is designed to allow owners to wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag or handheld bag – whilst still conforming to the size restrictions most airlines place on carry on luggage. Each bag is made from Italian leather with hand-stitched seams, has a double zip opening…

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Burn Bag by Ural Motorcycles

Ural Bag 450x330 - Burn Bag by Ural Motorcycles

The Burn Bag by Ural Motorcycles has been developed to be the toughest and most weatherproof duffle bag you’re ever likely to encounter. Ural set about developing the bag to answer demand from their clients who wanted a rugged bag they could toss onto the luggage rack of their sidecar for a weekend in the…

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Motorcycle Backpack by OSYB

Motorcycle Backpack 450x330 - Motorcycle Backpack by OSYB

The Quest is a new motorcycle backpack by OSYB designed to be used both during your daily commute, and on those slightly longer moto-adventures when you’ll need to pack some tools and camping gear. The upper section of the bag is an easy access tool section that doubles as a waterproof “roof” for the rest…

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John Tool Bag by Malle

John Tool Bag by Malle 450x330 - John Tool Bag by Malle

The John Tool Bag by Malle is a modern take on the classic tool bag used by mechanics, blacksmiths, stone masons and other tradesmen. Each bag is made from full-grain leather, 18oz durable waxed canvas, organic cotton and solid welded brass hardware – and each has an aluminium doctor’s-bag opening to keep it either open…

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