This is the Biltwell EXFIL-0 Tool Roll, it was developed for use by motorcyclists but it’s also well-suited to automotive applications, particularly if you like to carry just the essentials when you travel rather than a hefty steel tool box.

Each EXFIL-0 is made from highly abrasion resistant 600 denier polyester nylon, this was chosen for its toughness and longevity, not to mention its ability to handle a crash without tearing open.

Inside you’ll find a heavy-duty hi-visibility orange nylon interior lining to help with visibility and contrast in low light conditions. There are seven elasticated socket holders, five pockets for wrenches, and an adjustable G-hook nylon strap closure.

Biltwell EXFIL-0 Tool Roll 1

Image DescriptionTool rolls like this are ideal for quick roadside repairs, and they typically weigh far less than your average toolbox.

You’ll also find an internal zippered compartment for small items like fuses, spare coiled wire, and spare bulbs. To close the tool roll you just roll it up and fasten the G-hook.

The outside of the EXFIL-0 has a MOLLE system for additional clip-on storage space and expandability, it also easily allows the tool roll to be attached to other bags.

The closed measurements are 9.25” x 7.0″ and this changes to 9.25” x 18.5” when it’s opened up. The MSRP is $59.95 USD and Biltwell offers returns and exchanges, as well as free shipping within the USA for orders over $100.

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