The Trip Machine Escapade Pack was developed as a single kit that can be bought by motorcyclists planning road trips, or off-road trips, and provide them with plenty of storage space that can be fitted and removed from your bike.

The full kit comprises two Trip Machine Outlaw Saddlebags and the company’s Military Duffel, giving you a total capacity of 58 liters of storage which can all be quickly mounted to almost any motorcycle, with the saddlebags on the side and the duffel up top on the passenger seat.

The Trip Machine Military Duffel was inspired by the simple and tough duffel bags that were standard issue to many servicemen during WWII. Unlike the canvas originals this one is made of heavy duty leather, it comes equipped with a leather shoulder strap for easy carrying, custom mounts for motorcycles, and a rain cover for inclement weather.

The Trip Machine Outlaw Saddlebag was designed to be a motorcycle saddlebag that can easily be used as a messenger bag when needed. It can hold a 15″ laptop and it comes with a leather shoulder strap, custom motorcycle mounts, and a rain cover.

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Image DescriptionTrip Machine offers the Escapade Pack in four colorways, and they can be quickly strapped to most motorcycles in a matter of minutes.

When riding vintage and modern classic motorcycles it can be difficult to find luggage solutions that fit properly – permanently-mounted hard cases aren’t always an option and they require a lot of work to install and remove.

Soft bags with adjustable straps like those used in this kit offer a much easier work around, they can typically be fitted in a matter of minutes and cinched down securely on almost any motorcycle using the provided straps.

The Trip Machine Escapade Pack costs $579 USD, they ship them worldwide, and you can choose from four colorways: Cherry Red, Black, Tobacco Brown, and Vintage Tan.

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