Custom Sportster by Hidemo

The humble Sportster is one of the most popular bases for custom motorcycle building in the US, interestingly it’s also a wildly popular bike for tweaking within the Japanese bike building community. This example, built by Hidemo, is based on a 2011 model, 1200cc Sportster 48, the engine remains largely unchanged although the rest of the bike has seen some well-thought out work.

Starting from the front of the bike, Hidemo fitted a cropped front fender and classic Firestone rubber, they added custom grips, drop mirrors, and blinkers, added a beautiful, understated paint job to the tank, they also added a custom air-filter cover, seat and rear lights, before adding a matching-size Firestone to the rear rim.

In a way, Hidemo have created a bike that Harley could realistically sell themselves with minimal changes to the production process. I’d love to see Harley open a Skunk Works Division in Japan and give companies like Hidemo, Brat Style and Zero Motorcycles free reign to create beasts like this, for public consumption.

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Published by Ben Branch -