Outdoor Survival Crate by Man Crates

It isn’t always easy to buy for men, Father’s Day gifts usually involve cologne, socks, dark chocolate, dodgy beer, cheap bourbon or one of those coffee table books about steam trains. The team over at Man Crates have decided to rectify this issue by creating a series of crates specifically tailored to manly interests.

This is their Outdoor Survival Crate and it contains a waterproof storage bag, a Gerber Mini-Paraframe knife, an emergency whistle, a fire starter, waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency cord, fire tinder, an authentic FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual, an emergency blanket, a survival wrist strap  (10+ feet of 550 cord) and some glow sticks.

If you’d like to learn more about them or order one for dear old Dad, hit the link here.

Published by Ben Branch -