The Roue TPS – A New Racing Chronograph For $290 USD

Roue TPS Chronograph

The new Roue TPS chronograph was developed specifically to offer all the benefits of a modern wristwatch, with the styling cues of traditional racing chronographs from the ’60s and ’70s. The key to the runaway success of Roue has been their ability to offer watches like the TPS, that look like they should cost thousands…

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The Noise – Formula 1 Exhaust Sculptures by Mike O’Connor

Formula 1 Exhaust Sculptures 1

Each of these remarkable sculptures is created from a real, race-used Formula 1 exhaust system that have been mounted to a base of carved Italian marble. They’re made by Mike O’Connor, the founder of the Fastest Club – an exclusive group of historic Formula 1 car owners who travel around the world with their cars to a…

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