You Suck At Racing: A Crash Course For The Novice Driver his a book aimed squarely at people who want to take up motor racing as a hobby, not at those who have any serious intentions of challenging for the overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Indy 500, or the Monaco Grand Prix.

The vast majority of racing drivers in the world are enthusiastic amateurs. The cars they drive vary from country to country and region to region, but all of them do it for the love of the sport rather than for any serious financial prizes, fame, or notoriety.

This book by Ian Korf is designed for exactly this kind of racer, the amateur driver who trailers their race car to the track on a Sunday in order to compete against a field of similar machinery in a true test of driver skill.

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Image DescriptionThe book is 111 pages long, and it includes simple explanations of common racing terminology and techniques with drawings to help you visualize them.

You Suck At Racing is 111 pages long and it covers all the important things you need to know, taking you from a total novice to someone who knows how to plot our a racing line at any circuit, and how to drive it to the best of you ability for the quickest possible lap times.

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You Suck At Racing – The Official Description

A lot of books on driving are written by professional racers who assume you too want to be a professional racer. Not this book. It’s written by a hobbyist who suggests you keep your day job. Besides, it’s much more fun being an enthusiastic amateur than a jaded professional (just ask someone in the sex industry).

This book is designed to help the average driver make the transition from commuter to safe road racer in as few pages as possible. I wrote this book because it’s what I would have wanted to read when I first became interested in track driving: succinct, nerdy, practical, and occasionally diverting. It is not intended as a definitive tome or a work of art. It’s more like a sandwich: convenient and nourishing.

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