Lithium Cycles Super 73 Scout

Lithium Cycles Super 73 Scout Electric Bicycle 450x330 - Lithium Cycles Super 73 Scout

The Super 73 Scout by Lithium Cycles is an electric bicycle designed for people who hate electric bicycles. It’s been developed to look nothing like other electric bikes on the market, whilst incorporating a 500 Watt hub motor (peak power output is 1050 Watts) and a 48 Volt 14.5 amp-hour lithium ion battery offering approximately…

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The Super 73 Electric Bike

Super 73 Electric Bike 450x330 - The Super 73 Electric Bike

Electric vehicles have existed alongside steam and internal combustion engines as a way of moving people for well over 150 years, in fact the first electric car (built by Robert Davidson) predated the first gasoline car (built by Karl Benz) by 49 years. The Super 73 is a unique take on the rapidly growing genre…

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Oto Cycles

Oto Cycles OtoK Electric Bicycle 450x330 - Oto Cycles

Oto Cycles is a Barcelona-based boutique electric bicycle builder that is quickly making a name for itself, thanks to a tastefully designed model range made up of the OtoK, the OtoR and the RaceR. The bike you see here is the OtoK, it uses a traditional looking fuel tank to hold the lithium-ion battery and electrical system. The power…

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Chamber BMX Bike by Mongoose

Chamber BMX Bike by Mongoose 450x330 - Chamber BMX Bike by Mongoose

I don’t know about your childhood, but much of mine was spent in the saddle of a BMX bike riding around the neighbourhood and invariably getting into trouble. As I got older the bikes became more complicated but for those adults who miss the simplicity of the classic BMX, Mongoose makes the Chamber Bike. It…

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The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

Nutter Cycle Multi Tool 1 450x330 - The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool is an all-in-one solution to bicycle maintenance by the team at The Full Windsor Shop, it contains a nylon tyre lever, a 15mm box head spanner, a spoke key, 3/4/5/6/8mm hex tool bits, a Philips head screw driver, a flat head screw driver, a T25 torx bit, a magnetic tool bit extender and a…

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Classic E-Bike by Caterham Bikes

Caterham Classic e bike 021 450x330 - Classic E-Bike by Caterham Bikes

The Classic E-Bike by Caterham Bikes is the 2nd in the series of 3 new designs just released by the still brand-spanking-new motorcycle marque last week. Obviously intended to evoke memories of the classic motorcycles of the 1910s and 1920s the Classic E-Bike has the lines of a board track racer – albeit one with…

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The Pistone-Pedali Motorised Bicycle

motorized bicycle 101 - The Pistone-Pedali Motorised Bicycle

I have a huge soft spot for motorised bicycles like this one – dubbed the “Pistone-Pedali” by its creator Chris Rindos. When motorcycles first appeared they looked far more like this than anything we’d consider a motorcycle in the modern day – in fact the first motorcycles were just bicycles with engines attached, much like the hand-built, 49cc machine you see here.

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Beater Bikes

Beater Bikes 450x330 - Beater Bikes

Beater Bikes would fall into that first category, you can pick one up for $299.99 USD, they’re simple, solid and they get the job done.

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