Documentary: The History of Austin Healey

History of Austin Healey 450x330

This documentary about the history of Austin Healey is a fascinating look back at one of Britain’s great sports car makers – Donald Healey. Men like Donald were responsible for some of the most memorable cars of the 20th century, despite their restricted budgets and limited parts availability. The work Healey did with English and American…

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Documentary: The Diesel Story

The Diesel Story History Film 450x330

The Diesel Story is a short documentary that gives a surprisingly detailed look back at the development of the internal combustion engine – with a particular focus on the diesel engine pioneered by Rudolph Diesel in the late 1800s. The film includes reenactments of the early development phases of the first diesel engines, as well…

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1935 Chevrolet Film: What Stops Them

1935 Chevrolet Film What Stops Them 450x330

What Stops Them is a 1935 Chevrolet film that explains drum braking systems, and extolls the virtues of cable-operated brakes. Although that may sound humorous now, the film dates back to a few years before WWII, and hydraulic braking systems were relatively rare. Although drums brakes are now far less common, after decades of being usurped…

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Documentary: Supercharged Grand Prix Cars

Supercharged 450x330

Supercharged Grand Prix Cars is a documentary that runs just under an hour in length and covers some of the most famous (and most deadly) cars to ever race at the Grand Prix level. The film looks at the cars and characters that raced from 1924 until the outbreak of WWII in 1939, it also…

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Short Film: What A Ride

What A Ride 450x330

Official Film Description: It’s a sunny Sunday in November. Riding shotgun in an old Alfa roadster we pull into a service station with a pack of vintage sports cars in tow, up to our elbows in smiles and road grime. My phone vibrates, my pilot’s phone vibrates, I look up to see the other drivers…

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The Development of the Jaguar V12 Engine

The Development of the Jaguar V12 Engine 450x330

The story of the first Jaguar V12 is an interesting one, the project initially started in 1954 with a view to using the powerplant in a Le Mans endurance racer, but it was mothballed before being restarted in the mid-60s by a team headed by Walter Hassan. In this film, Walter Hassan and Harry Mundy…

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Deadliest Crash Documentary: 1955 Le Mans Disaster

Le Mans 1955 disaster 450x330

Editor’s Note: This documentary contains footage of dead bodies. This might be disturbing to some viewers, so discretion is advised. The 1955 Le Mans Disaster is the single most deadly crash in motor racing history. 83 spectators (and driver Pierre Levegh) were brutally killed, and 120 were injured – many severely. The accident and its repercussions…

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Short Film: Turbo Encabulator

Turbo Encabulator 450x330

Turbo Encabulator is a short film that many of you will have seen before, but it’s one of those things you can never watch too many times. Much like the Winnebago Man clips. I’ve included the full blurb below as it adds a lot to the story, and provides insight into how the extraordinary Turbo…

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Automobile Tire Hydroplaning: What Happens

Automobile Tire Hydroplaning Why It Happens 450x330

Automobile Tire Hydroplaning: Why It Happens is a short educational film that includes some fascinating NASA footage from the period, including a view under the road showing what hydroplaning looks like from underneath. Although tire technology has come a long way since this film was made, it’s still a good watch, and some of the…

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The Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa Miami Vice 15 450x330

Those of us who remember the ’80s will recall a few cultural icons – things like keyboard guitars, huge hair, ill-advised neon clothing, and men wearing fingerless gloves for no clear reason. At the other end of the spectrum was the likes of Miami Vice and the Ferrari Testarossa. The popularity of Miami Vice can…

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Documentary: A Spark In Time On The Firing Line

A Spark In Time On The Firing Line 450x330

A Spark In Time On The Firing Line is a 1962 film about automobile ignition systems and spark timing, it was produced for Champion by Portafilms, and they made sure to present it in such a way that it’d be understandable to anyone – not just electrical whizzes. Even the most ardent car nuts are…

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