Caterham 7 Indy Custom

Caterham Lotus 7 Custom 4

The Lotus Seven, now known as the Caterham 7, is one of the most iconic British vehicles of all time, the little bug-eye headlights, open front wheels and tiny cockpit have been delivering driving thrills since it was first rolled out of the Lotus factory by Colin Chapman in 1957. Chapman’s desire had been to…

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Johammer Electric Motorcycle


The Johammer electric motorcycle is a new design that first came to light in February this year, the initial visual impact that the bike had on me was at once both positive and negative – the design is certainly futuristic, but it’s also awkward in a way that it doesn’t need to be. Enclosed-body motorcycle…

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Motorcycle Helmet Mounts

motorcycle helmets mounts

These motorcycle helmet mounts by Brandon Cameron are possibly the single greatest method of storing a lid that have ever been devised by humankind. Or alienkind for that matter. Each mount is made of reclaimed Oak and chromed steel, the design allows them to hold either a 3/4 or a full face helmet in style…

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Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket 1

The Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket is the result of a collaboration between two of the more interesting gear manufacturers in the motorcycle arena. Designed by Aether then handmade by the talented artisans at Spidi, the all-leather jacket has a box-quilted upper, a yarn-dyed cotton lining and a full range of elbow, shoulder and back…

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Channel Bottom Surfboard by Deus


The “Harry” Channel Bottom Surfboard is a classic design from shaper Rich Pavel, at 6’1 it’s ideally suited to mid-sized surf and makes a good board to get back onto the water with if you haven’t paddled out in a few years. Deus Ex Machina was founded by guys who’ve been surfing since the ’70s…

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Moto Art by Francis Ooi

Harley Tracker-metal-10%

Francis Ooi is the creative director of an advertising agency based in Singapore – a city-state famous for its sterile cleanliness, great chilli crab and compulsory fines for almost any activity not sanctioned by its strict government. It’s notoriously difficult to import vehicles into the country and the vehicles that are there are strictly controlled…

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Formula One Speaker Dock

Formula One iPhone Speaker Dock

The Formula One Speaker Dock you see above is made from an actual retired right manifold pulled off one of the previous generation V8 F1 cars, customers are given a choice between a Cosworth DFV, a 2006 Renault RS26 or a 2007 Ferrari 056. I’m not particularly well-versed in the trickery and magic of high-end hifi…

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