The Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR Car 7

  The Ultima GTR is the automotive equivalent of raw, uncut heroin. It’s offered by the factory as either a turn-key supercar or as a kit car, that latter option allows buyers to configure the final vehicle to their own specifications and price point. Most owners choose a large American V8 coupled to a Porsche G50…

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Jaguar F1 Cufflinks

Formula 1 cufflinks

  These matching cufflinks have been crafted from twin bolts used to retain the crank within the engine block on an original Formula 1 car from the era when Jaguar was racing in F1. They’re each made by hand by the team at Ledon Engineering and somewhat surprisingly, the price tag is just $36 USD for…

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Austin Healey Dash Wallpapers

austin healey wallpaper

  These twin Austin Healey dashboard wallpapers are perfect for those who want to give their computer monitor a little old world charm, they’re both 1920×1280 pixels in size meaning they should work for all but the largest of screens. You can download them one at a time by dragging and dropping the below images…

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S2000 Supermarine by Bremont

Supermarine Automatic by Bremont

  The S2000 Supermarine Automatic is a timepiece made by British watchmakers Bremont, remarkably it’s been tested to a depth of 2,000 meters (or 6,560 ft.) without any structural or even superficial damage. It was named for the Supermarine S.6, a pre-WWII single-engined, single-seat racing seaplane built by Supermarine Aviation Works – the same company that would develop the…

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The SAS Survival Handbook

sas survival handbook

  The SAS Survival Handbook is one of those books that should have a space on the bookshelf in every home on Earth, although that may sound like a claim laced with hyperbole I swear it isn’t – costing less than $11.30 this book contains everything you need to know to survive for prolonged periods…

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ODFU Engineering Tee

ODFU Engineering

  The ODFU Engineering Tee is a new design from the boutique motorcycle style-house, each one is 100% fine Jersey cotton and is screen printed by hand in England. “ODFU” stands for “one down five up” and is a reference to the standard motorcycle gearbox arrangement, a fact that’ll be missed by many but appreciated by…

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1969 Lola T70 Mk IIIb by Sbarro

Lola T70

The Lola T70 is a ’60s era prototype racer that needs no introduction to fans of the golden age of motorsport, originally designed by Eric Broadley in 1965 the T70 would be his first design since leaving Ford and their GT40 project (largely based on Boradley’s original Lola MK. 6). The car was initially mean to…

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James Hunt Wallpaper


Many of you have been asking where you can get a high-resolution download of that James Hunt picture we added on Facebook yesterday, I’ve added it above in a 1200 pixel wide desktop wallpaper ready format, all you need to do is drag and drop it to your computer’s desktop. In the meantime, if you’d…

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