Deus X Makr Tool Roll

eshop tool 001 450x330 - Deus X Makr Tool Roll

This is another winner from the designers at Deus, they’ve teamed up with MAKR CARRY GOODS to create a rustic, no nonsense tool roll that’ll accommodate all the random spanners, wrenches and sockets that you’ve bought, borrowed, found and stolen over the past few years.

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Motorcycle Detailing Kit by Flitz

motorcycle detailing kit 445x330 - Motorcycle Detailing Kit by Flitz

Sometimes the dreary months of winter seem to go on forever, for many who live too far north to ride during the colder season it’s a frustrating time involving a parked motorcycle and a hell of a lot of boredom.

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Expanse Knife by Leatherman

Expanse Knife by Leatherman1 450x330 - Expanse Knife by Leatherman

A decent pocket knife is an essential tool in any self-respecting man’s arsenal, the Swiss Army Knives are great but perhaps a little passé with every man and his dog having at least one of the little red wonders lying around somewhere.

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EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile

EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile 450x330 - EDC Kit by Kaufmann Mercantile

Sometimes when you discover something, you instantly wonder why it didn’t occur to you to invent it. For me, this was one such thing. Built by Kaufmann Mercantile this multi-function key chain has both a flat-head and cross-head screwdriver, a pry bar, a lighter and a pair of tweezers.

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