This is the Nexx XG100 Half Mile Helmet, it’s one of the newer offerings from the European helmet manufacturer that combines retro styling with modern engineering and safety standards.

Interestingly, Nexx is one of the last helmet companies that still does 100% of their manufacturing in Europe rather than outsourcing it to other nations with lower labour costs. They explain that this allows them to maintain higher levels of quality, and it reduces their dependence on complex global supply chains.

Though not as famous as many of their competitors, Nexx have made a name for themselves in recent years with series of motorcycle helmet models that combine classic styling with state-of-the-art materials, aerodynamics, and construction techniques.

Nexx XG100 Half Mile Helmet Front

Image DescriptionThe Half Mile Helmet has a classic flat track inspired design, that open face port is designed to be used with the goggles or motorcycle eyewear of your choice.

The Nexx XG100 model series was first unveiled a few years ago, it has 70s/80s styling cues and an open face port designed to be used in conjunction with goggles or other eye protection. Each helmet comes with a removable snap-on visor that can be set to two positions and a ventilated chin bar.

The XG200 is built in two different shell sizes to ensure you get the right fit for your head size, with inner sizes ranging from XS up to XXL. The shell is made from a material called X-MATRIX 2 which incorporates fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, biaxial fiberglass twile, and high-performance organic fibers.

The Half Mile Helmet has a white shell with a red stripe down the center that flares over the chin bar, it comes with a medium brown internal, removable liner, and a black peak visor. These helmets retail for $399.95 USD each, and shipping is free within the USA.

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Nexx XG100 Half Mile Helmet Back

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