This is the LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach, the kit includes 262 pieces in total and it builds what appears to be the same Countach as the one used in the Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort.

The LEGO Speed Champions series has been running for a few years now and it includes a slew of automotive kits, all targeted at kids from the age of 8+ but many (if not most) seem to be bought by adults who enjoy putting them together and then putting them on display.

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Image DescriptionThe kit is made up of 262 individual pieces and it’s recommended for people who are 8+. Many of these kits are bought by adults who enjoy them just as much as kids and put them up on display afterwards.

The Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach is one of the newer members of the series, it’s based on the 1989 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach – specifically the rarer Bianco Polo (white) version of which just 23 were made in total.

Interestingly, the styling of the 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach was completed by Horacio Pagani who was then in the employ of Lamborghini. He would later leave and found Pagani Automobili, now regarded as one of the most significant hypercar manufacturers in the world and a major competitor for Lamborghini.

Although the Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach isn’t officially linked to The Wolf of Wall Street the resemblance is clear. The kit also comes with a LEGO racing driver figurine who comes with his own wrench, possibly a discrete commentary on the reliability of some Lamborghinis of this vintage.

Wolf of Wall Street Lamborghini Countach Scene

Image DescriptionIt would only take a couple of minor configuration changes to turn this Countach kit and the included figurine into a little reenactment of the famous Countach door scene from Wolf of Wall Street.

Once completed the car measures in at 1.5 inches (4cm) high, 6 inches (15cm) long and 2.5 inches (7cm) wide, making it ideal for display on a shelf or on your desk. It includes 262 pieces and instructions on how to assemble it all.

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