This is the Stillwell, it’s one of the newer creations from the team at James Brand based in Portland, Oregon. The Stillwell is made entirely from 303 stainless steel and its designed to be both small and lightweight, making it ideal as a travel pen when every ounce counts.

The Stillwell has a two-part design, the main pen section and the cap section. When closed the cap is over the nib and the pen measures in at 3.5 inches or 89.5 mm long. When open the cap is placed on the back of the pen to give it more length for more comfortable writing, and it measures in at 5.4 inches or 136.5 mm long.

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Image DescriptionWith the cap section placed over the pen section the pen shrinks right down to just 3.5 inches or 89.5 mm long, from its open length of 5.4 inches or 136.5 mm long.

The James Brand was established in 2012 in Portland, Oregon by a team of designers who had become dissatisfied with the available options for an everyday carry pocket knife.

They explain that they were inspired by the principle that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you should make it yourself, and so that’s what they did. Their first products were modern penknives that sold well, so well in fact they were selling out, and so over time number of new designs were added.

In more recent years the company has diversified into the development of other products including pens, pencils, carabiners, multitools, apparel, and even high-end kitchen knives.

The Stillwell is the second pen design released by the James Brand, as noted further up its made from long-lasting 303 stainless steel, this is a chromium-nickel austenitic variant of stainless steel that is also commonly used in everything from architectural components and mechanical gears to kitchenware and valve bodies.

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Image DescriptionThe team at James Brand designed the Stillwell to fit perfectly in the coin pocket of your jeans.

The team at James developed the Stillwell to sit comfortably in the coin pocket of your jeans all day, or your rucksack, and always be ready to go when you need it. It uses industry standard D1 refills, which James also sells, it comes with a removable lanyard, and it weighs in at 0.71 ounces or 21.5 grams with an MSRP of $59 USD.

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