This glass-topped coffee table has been made using an authentic Ferrari F2001 Formula 1 engine as its base. This engine is believed to have been used in late 2001 by Michael Schumacher and Ruebens Barrichello, making it quite the piece of F1 history.

The Ferrari F2001 F1 car was used for the 2001 season and into the first few races of the 2002 season, it proved a major success for Ferrari, winning 10 races, taking 13 pole positions, setting three fastest laps and accumulating a total of 197 points with Schumacher and Barrichello at the wheel.

Ferrari F2001 Formula 1 Car 2

Image DescriptionHere we see the 2001 Ferrari F1 team, the three men sitting on the car are the drivers, from left to right it’s Ruebens Barrichello, Luca Badoer, and Michael Schumacher. Image courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari.

The Ferrari F2001 was designed to meet new regulations requiring a higher front wing, which would reduce downforce. This resulted in the distinctive “droop snout” nose, which was quite a significant visual departure from the higher-nosed cars that had come before.

The car was designed by an all star team consisting of Rory Byrne, Ignazio Lunetta, Aldo Costa, Marco Fainello, Nikolas Tombazis, and James Allison, with Ross Brawn overseeing operations. As was standard at the time, and still is today, the F2001 had a molded carbon fiber and honeycomb tub, with pushrod activated torsion springs front and back.

Power was provided by the 3.0 liter Ferrari Tipo 050 V10. This was an advanced engine even by the standards of F1 at the time, and crucially it proved more reliable than many of its closest competitors. The engine has an alloy block and heads, a 90º V10 layout, with double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, Magneti Marelli electronic indirect fuel-injection, and 825 bhp at a screaming 17,300 rpm.

The Tipo 050 would power Michael Schumacher to his third Drivers’ Championship win, it also gave Ferrari the Constructors’ Championship for 2001. The car and its engine was so good that Ferrari carried on using it into the first few races of the 2002 season in B-spec form as development on the F2002 was being completed.

Ferrari F2001 Formula 1 Engine Coffee Table 1

Image DescriptionThis lot consists of a 3.0 liter Ferrari Tipo 050 V10, the internal components have been removed, it comes with the block, heads, cam covers, and exhaust all in place, with a glass top.

Schumacher arrived at the first Grand Prix of 2002 in the F2001B and promptly won the race in no uncertain terms, an indicator of just how dominant Ferrari was at this time.

The coffee table you see here is built on a Schumacher and Barrichello used Tipo 050 V10, as mentioned in the introduction, and it’s now being offered for sale with a price guide of £12,000£15,000 or approximately $14,400 – $18,000 USD. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

Ferrari F2001 Formula 1 Car 1

Image DescriptionImage courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari.


Ferrari F2001 Formula 1 Car

Image DescriptionImage courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari.

Images courtesy of Bonhams + Ferrari

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