This is the Skateboard Lamp Kit from Bennett Skate Lamps, a company that specializes in selling kits that allow you to convert your old (or new) skateboard decks into wall lamps – including the wall mount and light bulbs.

Each kit includes everything you need, except the tools, to remove the trucks from your skateboard and add two double sockets in their place on handmade wooden trucks. It can then be mounted on your wall to showoff the deck, and the four lightbulbs are dimmable to allow you to adjust the amount of light it produces.

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Image DescriptionThe kit includes everything you need except tools and a wall, it sells for $65 USD without bulbs and $75 with the bulbs.

Bennett Skate Lamps was founded by Eric Bennett in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company developed the design of the kit which has now been sold to people all over the world, leading to almost 200 rave reviews and counting on Etsy at the time of writing.

The process of building your skateboard lamp starts with cleaning your old deck and taking off the old trucks. Most people who build these lamps seem to do it as a way to immortalize an old deck with a lot of memories in it, rather than just rolling it under a bed or leaving it gathering dust in a cupboard.

Once the deck is clean and stripped bare you bolt on the new wooden “trucks” and the double lightbulb sockets top and bottom. The wall mount is then affixed to the other side, the wires are routed, and you’re good to hang it on the wall and switch it on.

When ordering you can choose between getting a kit with bulbs included or not, it may be a good idea to get the bulbs as they need to be a specific variety – a dimmable LED bulb at 60 Watts or lower.

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Image DescriptionThese are arguably the two most important parts of the kit. They’re the new wooden “trucks” which are each made by hand and painted black, fitted with the double light socket that powers the bulbs.

The kits sell for $65 USD without bulbs and $75 with the bulbs, and the company offers free US shipping and returns within 14 days for unused items.

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